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The Mysterious Black Screen

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Z3120, Feb 16, 2007.

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    Jan 8, 2007
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    It's a mystery because of the way it occured, lol. Btw, this problem happened a few weeks ago. It isn't a major concern, and you'll see why after hearing this... Here's the quick synopsis: I gotten my silver slim v15 PS2 to work - proper installation of keys and a working copy of swap magic including games burnt as instructed and without major flaws. Now here's the iffy part: I cannot see anything except a black screen when I powerup my PS2 on one of my TVs; however, this problem is easily remedied when I simply switch over to another TV of mine. I tried using different composite cables from my PSX and my old fat PS2, but it didn't fix the problem on the TV that gotten the black screen, yet it works perfectly fine with all 3 different cables on my other TVs, including the one that came with the slim. I was wondering if there's a way to solve the problem because it would be nice to use the TV where my couches are. If not, then I'm stuck using it near my computer.

    The story: Yes, yes; it is quite strange but laugh if you will, it would be nice if it was solved, lol. Back when my Swap Magic DVD disc was wrecked, I actually tried to use my Swap Magic CD disc to load my PS2 DVD-based games but had no luck because it was a v3.8 coder. (heard you could do this with the 3.6) So I decided to attempt to load a PAL Swap Magic 3.6 DVD disc - an ISO I've gotten off somewhere (it could be found in various places on the WWW) - and tried to load from there. Now I think the video mode is screwed up; otherwise, the problem never really occured until after this incident because everything was looking beautifully and as normal as any PS2 browser menu before this occured. I heard there was a menu or something I could do while seeing this black nothing and change the video mode back.

    Anyone have instructions? And criticisms are welcome, lol. I know I was a fool XD. Btw, I haven't done it since that one incident. I've been using an original copy of Swap Magic, the DVD v3.8 coder disc, to load my games now. Only TV I can't use it in is the one that's getting the black screen; otherwise, the numerous backed-up games I've been playing on either television besides the one where my couches are have been working absolutely fine and normal.

    P.S> Everything is fine, except on that TV. If it is undoable, then so be it. I can't sit in a comfy couch and play, lol.

    EDIT: added a conjunction cause one sentence would throw off one of my sentences.
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