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The Return

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by icemanx, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. icemanx

    icemanx Guest

    Hi all anyone eles have problem getting this one to work?
    i use ripit4me and dvdfab. and clonedvd2 and nothing.
    any help would be great. thanks
  2. syxguns

    syxguns Active member

    Jan 13, 2006
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    The Return was a pretty easy movie to do. RI4M should have worked. What region is your DVD? Do you have the latest FixVTS installed? Are you running "One Click" mode?

    DVDFab should have handled it also. Make sure that you have the latest version of that program. You can find it here: http://dvdidle.com/free.htm

    I burned the backup of "Region 1" without a problem.
  3. johnl123

    johnl123 Regular member

    Nov 3, 2005
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    Since you have clonedvd2, try using it with anydvd.
  4. icemanx

    icemanx Guest

    TY,i'll try again with ripit4me ( and FixVTS is (1.603) everything is updated i think .
    i live in canada. thanks for the help..oh ya DVD Decrypter Version! is everything ok?
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