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This is the PROOF! Bye Bye 360!!!!

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by Solaray, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Solaray

    Solaray Guest

    The 360 better do a 180 and go back to its makers! It might be another
    Playstation, Sega Saturn and N64 drama!

    These are the specs of the Nintendo Revolution!!!



    I can get more its all overthe net and i was wrong, this info is CONFIRMED!!!! :)

    Nintendo are playing dead! But thats the best way to be since the competition has more money and can copy anything they do fast!

    360 = ATI R500 with 10MB frame buffer
    REV = ATI RN520 dual graphics core, with 16MB frame buffer

    YES!!!!! Now that all 3 consoles are on the same level which one is the eye catcher???????
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  2. Solaray

    Solaray Guest

    MORE PROOF!!! http://www.joystiq.com/entry/1234000667043658/


    Revolution GPU

    ATI Custom based RN520 core. the "N" stands for nintendo, and is because the ArtX team is with them, thats why its an "N". There will be 2 GPU cores (just like the nVidia SLI motherboard with two Graphics Chips), this will use ATI's alternative, and will be the first in any console.

    Both GPU's will have 256 MB's of GDDR4 memory, with an addional 16 MB of eDRAM total. eDRAM is an onboard flash memory, just like the 3 MB on
    the gamecubes flipper.

    The cores will run at 600 MHz each, (rumours are that its possible 500 MHz each), but i doubt that.

    24-to-48 way parallel floating-point dynamically scheduled shader pipelines for each core with unified shader architecture.

    Polygon Performance: 500 million triangles per second theoritical, average ingame would be around <100 Million/sec

    Shader Performance: 48 billion shader operations per second

    Revolution memory

    512 MB of 700 MHz Updated 1T-SRAM (its a totally redone design of something new, remember the nitrous i talked about)

    Also, as I said I’m going to add more info, the Revolution will support a PPU chip (Physical Processing Chip). This chip is very new to computer architecture, and it will mainly help in the physics area. There will be 32 MB’s of its own RAM, which will link to the CPU and GPU. To compare to the usage of physics used in current games, Half Life 2 only used 5 MB’s, Rebel strike used around 1.3 MB’s, and RE4 used 3 MB’s, but this is off main memory, which made performance issues.

    There will also be a separate sound card that will support only DD 5.1 – DTS 7.1, rumours has it will have 16 MB’s, like the Cube DSP.

    This is going to be like the N64 vs the PS again!
  3. mkaseatgb

    mkaseatgb Regular member

    Jan 25, 2005
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    Hmm, you already showed me that in the other thread :). But like I said there, its not the specs that matter, (though they do, but thats not all). What it comes down to is the games. Nintendo just isn't preferred by most teens/adults.
  4. jayquik03

    jayquik03 Regular member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    yeah, fanboy hate to tell you but alot of the nintendo games had way better graphics than some of the ps2 and xbox games... Yet.. they dont get crap cause the games suck and there for kiddies. Thanks for the specs though.

    Oh, and hate to burst your bubble this is all old news that is from may that everyone know because of E3... got any new updates? Old news is old news for a reason.
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  5. Solaray

    Solaray Guest

    VERY TRUE!! i they do make alot of kiddie games but the first thing nintendo said before announcing the REV was thatthey were going to aim for ADULTS teens and kids, Thats why it looks more mature then both the 360 and the PS3. So you know what to expect!

    When you think of the N64,,, a good looking machine probably one of the best looking consoles ever. You think of GoldenEye.
    On my 64 i had, goldeneye, turok 1 and 2, perfect dark, starfox, Extreme-G, zelda. The thing about nintendo is their best games are kiddie games, mario kart on the snes is said to be the best multiplayer
    racing game ever.

    Nintendo do make good games, i have to be honest ive never played a good game on the ps1 their all shhhhh!
  6. johnodd4

    johnodd4 Guest

    wow even nintendo is going to macintosh processors poor microsoft

    buy the way ibm's powerpc processor is the same processor that is inside all the mac minis

  7. Solaray

    Solaray Guest

    Yea IBM makes macs processors, the gamecube was pretty powerful with a
    400MHz (Power PC G4), thats equivalent to the power of a 650MHz intel processor. Nintendo are using FOUR 2.5GHz PowerPC G5's! each with 128KB of L1,,,,and 512KB of shared L2 cache! This processor might not be as powerful as the 360, but it might have a bigger transfer bus! maby like
    12 or 16 GB/s! probably 10 times that of your Pentium4 555Mhz FSB!

    the graphics of the REV will be discusting!Obviously better then the 360's. So now thats one down 1 to go! But i have to agree with PS3 fans:
    Anyone who knows Nvidias technology will know that their always one step ahead of ATI!

    But maby not this time, Nvidia has always shown off with polygon count! ATI ahows off with its shading abilities, and to be honest
    All 3 consoles will push around 20Mil poly per sec in real time gameplay so no one will tell the difference if the PS3 can do an extra 5Mil. But they will tell a difference when the Nintendo ReV can do
    specular reflections on bump mapping!!! OUCH!

  8. lcarbutt

    lcarbutt Regular member

    Jan 26, 2004
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    Im sorry who is actually going to buy a Revolution? and whats with the thread title?
  9. Stryfe

    Stryfe Member

    Sep 4, 2005
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    I won't buy a revolution. I learned my lesson from the N64 I bought it thinking all these great games like final fantasy and chrono cross would be coming out for it and it never did it came out on the playstation instead.
  10. TruthMan

    TruthMan Regular member

    Aug 16, 2005
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    i wont buy a revolution. when i think ninentdo NOW i think, meh...
    i used to think of nintendo and think perfect dark, turok 1/2 and goldeneye, they were all gr8 games and ive got an N64. but gamecube screwed them over as 80% of games were childs games. they deserved better. (except for zelda, that IS the best kids adventure game ever, that game alone helped gamecube quite a bit.)
    revolution wont be as powerful as the 360 or PS3 and nintendo even stated that in one electronic gaming monthly mag that i read previously, they said they were not focusing as much on power and specs as much as 360 or PS3, but mainly on the games.
    i just hope by that they mean they will have better games, and not just a better newer zelda, as there needs to be more than just 1 very succesful game from the past.
  11. zeldaman

    zeldaman Guest

    AGAIN why the hell is this in here... my god... of course it is just goin to get negative feedback... and specs mean nothing... it is what the developers are willing to do, when games first start being released they will not be at top notch graphics... you are gonna have to wait like 4 years before nintendo is able to pull past any of the games that will be on the ps3 and the xbox360... and do not forget that all hardware relizes on other hardware to not create a bottleneck... the revs processor is weaker then the 360 so it might create a bottle neck for the gpu... you never know... all hardware works differently... why don;t we wait and see when the systems are released before we start saying one is better then the other.. cus really you are going on specs and not actual game play... AND I REPEAT lol this should be in the rev forums not here...

    Oh and does anyone know how to report to a mod... I mean look here... http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/1/228713#1290253

    the guy is spamming this crap everywhere.... not to mension double posting it here in the xbox forums...



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  12. Solaray

    Solaray Guest

    Hmm I dont know about you but Yes i like playing adult games, i like shooting people in the head and watching them die! and I like a lil nude too but honestly i jsut wanna play good games nomatter what they are and most of the games on the PS2 are just crap!

    Most of the games on the NGC are kiddie games, but they are good kidie games inleast!

    But then when u think about it with the NGC your not missing much you still get splinter cell and all that, you can still shoot people in the head and watch them die like in turok!

    Ur only missing Duke Nukem, GTA, and maby a few others! but what you find is that cheap developers run to sony because their cheapskates! and they dont even need to make quality games coz they know it will sell!

    Big developers run to nintendo because they make good games and although the sales wont be high the game quality will be good enought!!!

    Everyones talking about kiddie games!!!
    remember when the first consoles were out most of the games were kiddie games, and eveyone was adicted to them!!!!! Nintendo is the only company thats in the industry for the passion of it aswell as the
    money! Their not stupid they know what they do wont sell but they do it coz they know whats good!
  13. Solaray

    Solaray Guest

    I forgot the xbox,,,, their games r ok, but their strong point is only shooters!

    NGC Kiddie games
    XBOX Shooting games
    PS2 CRAP!
  14. Berge

    Berge Member

    Jan 11, 2005
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    I wouldn't buy a Revolution, but that's your preference. If Nintendo hasn't learned from its past mistakes, it'll end up for $99.00 US just like the current gamecube. Few people see Nintendo as an teen/adult game console.

    When was the last time you played a game on Nintendo that had a higer ESRB rating that E or T?

    Just curious.
  15. Solaray

    Solaray Guest

    most of my games on the snes and 64 had ratings,
    I think the problem isnt that theres not many adult games,
    its that theres too many BIG kiddie games,
    Coz all we see is Mario Kart, SuperMario, Zelda, Smash brothers, starfox
    etc!!! and their all huge games tha get alot of attention!

    Nintendo lost RARE to microsoft,, but RARE make alot of kiddie games for microsoft. RARE is said to be the best game developers in the world.

    Nintendo have alot of adult games, but you will only see the kiddie games advertised because thats the big games with the best gameplay ratings!

    But notice that the first game nintendo shows off for the REV is Metroid! and if you've ever played Metriod on the SNES you will know that game alone is worth buying the REV for

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