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TMPG Encoder, No sound is Being Created

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by sandyheer, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. sandyheer

    sandyheer Guest

    Ive been using tmpg enc for 6 months with no problems however last week its been playing up and it may be due to a new codec pack i installed or something.

    Everytime i convert an avi file to mpeg or m2v and mp2 there is no sound. I even checked the new file with avi codec and it doesnt even have an audio folder.

    What is wrong as its driving me nuts. Direct show multimedia priority is set to 2 so its not that.

    Help will be greatly appreciated
  2. sandyheer

    sandyheer Guest

    This is something to do with ffd show i think. Ive uninstalled the latest version 20041012 and just installed an older version, hopefully this will work.

    By the way what if i dont use ffdshow, can i still encode files or do i need it?

    Ive noticed other guys have had problems with this. Let me know how to fix it.



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