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Discussion in 'PS2 - Games' started by WildCard777, Jul 21, 2014.

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  1. WildCard777

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    Jul 21, 2014
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    Hey this has been a project i decided to work on half a year ago, it all came about when i decided to pick up txr3 and play it again since i had forgotten why i never finished it. well it didn't take me long to realize that why i had never finished it was because of the music. This game never felt like a real Tokyo extreme racer game solely because it lacked that sound the previous games had. When i first played this game i really couldn't get over it and just felt like a different game to the series all together. I had sooo much good times playing txr zero with i was younger and the sound of that game really got me into the races. I tried hard to get into txr3, i even played the game with the bgm settings turned down and my ipod with txrzeros music playing off my speakers. this made it a hell of a lot more enjoyable but was a pain to keep flipping to the right song to fit the mood. I eventually gave up after i defeated the 3rd main boss car(forgot her name yet just played her again the other night..). What a shame too since this game has great game play and such an improvement in tuning settings that i was taken back by when it came out. Well to cut to the chase I dont like to give up on something once i have it set in my head and so badly had to play this game with txrzeros music in it. so i reverse engineered the elf file for while but that was useless since theres is no source code so i eventually came to the best and easiest solution.

    I used mfaudio and adpcm player to find the offsets and lengths of the music files in the 2 games raw music data. I changed txrzeros interleaves and frequency to that of the music in txr3 With mfaudio(converting to .wav first then to .raw to avoid a bug in the program). I then cut and pasted those songs into the BUILD.DAT file padding them with zeros to maintain the file size. So what is now a Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 game with the music of Tokyo xtreme Racer zeros. I didnt change everything however, i left in tracks that felt txrz from the game. I still need to fix the length of the songs so they repeat and dont just stop till the end of the file. If anyone wants to test out what ive done ive created a torrent file. you just need to build your iso with replacing my patched BUILD.DAT file. This means you need to have a Txr3 iso, thats up to you where you get it from. I own the game so i used my copy. Let me know if ive missed anything or a song feels off where ive placed it. ive tried to do the best to fit it. Txr3 uses 3 cds in its menu for the tracks unlike txrzero that has a function in the elf file to shuffle songs while driving. This i could not resolve.

    Felt like i needed to share this with people, its the first game mod ive ever done and enjoyed it so much i wanted others who have felt the same about this game to enjoy it too!

    Heres the link for the patched Build.DAT! http://kickass.to/tokyo-xtreme-racer-3- ... 52928.html
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