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Too many frame drops. Please help me.

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by bjur, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. bjur

    bjur Member

    Oct 26, 2003
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    Hi. I have a big problem. When i make a backup copy of Die Another Day is says too many frame drops. There are two main movies, so i choose the first. I then only select the DTS audio language and all the subtitles (i actually only need the danish subs, but have read that you have to select all) and use ifoedit. My settings in mpeg is
    Aspect ratio: 16:9
    DC: 10
    iDCT: 32 bit MMX
    Encoder mode: variable, 3 passes
    bitrate: min 1000, avg. 3981, max. 7500
    GOP sequence: M=3, N/M: 4, 15, 20.
    Encoder options: progressive frames(Don't know how to see if the movie is progressive or interlaced), Zigzag scanning order.
    AVS-script: MPEGDecoder.DLL (Because it's pal reg 2).
    Actually the settings that Mr. Bass.org uses in his guide, but after it has encoded it says too many frame drops and i see in my log that it probably has something to do with my DTS soundtrack but i don't know for sure. I made a couple of backups before and it all turned out fine. But recently Die Another day and bad company says too many frame drops. Please help me solve this problem.
    I use dvd-decrypter, cce sp, ifoedit 0.95
  2. Discmania

    Discmania Active member

    May 28, 2003
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    Try DVD Shrink instead.
  3. koola

    koola Guest

    Or DVD2One
  4. jm_look

    jm_look Guest

    I used Ifoedit to add subtitles to dvd movies
    . used dvdshrink to shrink and remove non-necessary subtitles
    . use vobedit to demultiplex the vobs
    . use srt2sup to create the new subtitle bmpstream
    . use ifoedt to remultiplex ac3, m2v, sup and the new subtitle stream.

    and then I ran out of luck: "too many frame drops"

    I solved the problem by removing one of the audio streams, and just keep the added subtitle, and of course the original m2v.

    I've seen other cases where one can add the sups with, but in other cases it seems to be quite difficult.

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