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Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by TotoroX, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. TotoroX

    TotoroX Guest

    I dont know why but for the life of me cant torrent on Windows 98...I have on Windows XP but never 98. I would love to torrent on XP again but it wont network to my computer! So I dont have any internet on it!!!
    Do any torrenters know what I am going through? Anyone have any good Applications to use other than or with Torrent that could work on my system? I have the DSL connection now all I need is the Client to work properly!

  2. carpki

    carpki Guest

    Why don't you connect the modem to the PC with XP on it. Bit Torrent should run with windows 98 but can be unstable with it. You can't network your computers together and run them both through the modem. You would need to invest in a router to get them both online.
  3. TotoroX

    TotoroX Guest

    i do have a router
    but it wont work on my IBM
    so i am waiting to get a new one
    i can use my laptop, wivh i am, but i am worried about space consumption because it is the one with XP

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