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Transfer files to PS3 using Windows XP Pro IIS

Discussion in 'PS3 - Modding & Hacking' started by fast_suki, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. fast_suki

    fast_suki Guest

    This will allow you to use Windows XP PRO to serve files to your PS3.

    1. You will need to install IIS on Windows XP Pro.

    2. Go to add/remove programs, add/remove windows components, check Internet Information Services, next, you will need a Windows XP Pro disk for the files to install.
    Note: FTP doesn't seem to be supported in the PS3 web browser, it prepends everything with http which can cause problems.

    3. To access the IIS management console make sure administrative tools are visible. Right click taskbar, properties, start menu, customize, advanced, at bottom set System Administrative tools, Display on all Programs menu.

    4. Create a folder in the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot directory (The directory name can't have spaces)

    5. Go to Start, All Programs, Administrative tools, IIS, expand (local computer), web sites, right click on default web site, new, virtual directory, and name it the same as the one created in step 4 (The directory name can't have spaces) under alias,
    browse to the directory, set Access permissions to (Read, Run scripts, Execute)

    6. If you understand IIS access permissions you can adjust them by going to the IIS management console, expanding (local computer), web sites, Default Web Site, right clicking the virtual directory you created, properties. Note (You will need to leave anonymous access
    on so a username and password is not needed to access the folder)

    7. Note: If there is concern that this files will be visible/accessible over the Internet then you can create a batch file to start and stop the World wide Web Publishing service.
    The command is net stop "World Wide Web Publishing"
    to stop and when you need to start the sevice it's
    net start "World Wide Web Publishing" note: this can be created in notepad by ending the filename in .bat and changing save as type to: All Files.

    8. You can copy and paste the video, audio files in the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\%virtual folder name%
    so they will be accessibe.

    9. To access the folder you will need to know your computers IP address and type in the address like in the PS3 web browser.
    10. This is a generic setup of a webpage but just click the filename and then save it to your PS3 hard disk.

    Video that can be played off hard drive on PS3.
    MPEG-4 SP (AAC)
    H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
    MPEG-2 PS (MPEG2 Audio Layer 2, AAC LC, AC3(Dolby Digital), LPCM)
    MPEG-2 TS (Audio Layer 2)
    Avi (Motion JPEG with linear PCM)
    (Motion JPEG with ulaw)
    AVCHD (.m2ts / .mts)

    Note: I'm note fimilar with some of these formats and only posted this because I couldn't find a simple method to transfer files to PS3 without additional software.
  2. Sudds

    Sudds Active member

    Sep 12, 2005
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    Very good guide, but all you need is TVersity. ;P
  3. fast_suki

    fast_suki Guest

    Don't understand. I don't need TVersity, I used what was
    already built into Windows XP Pro.

    To make it clear the files are not visible off the web since
    this is setup on a pc on the inside of the router.
    If you put your computer on the outside (demilitarized zone) on the
    router for some reason than it would be possible for someone to access your files and they knew your IP address and that you were running IIS.

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