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transfering videos problem

Discussion in 'Sony Handhelds' started by movieman6, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. movieman6

    movieman6 Guest

    I have a problem that when i'm trying to put videos on my psp it comes up and says I/O failure is there anyway to get around this
  2. attias6

    attias6 Guest

    1) What video format are you using?
    2) Do you have a memory stick?

    Answer those questions and I can help you with anything concerning videos! :)

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  3. nixster

    nixster Guest

    I am having similar problems, I have created a new thread called:

    'Problems playing mp4 on psp 'Corrupted Data' message'

    I am trying to simply copy a collection of pre-encoded MPEG4 movies to my PSP, I have 3 DVD's worth of movies so I can't see how all of them are corrupted, actually I know they are not because my brother has a PSP and these films are fine on his.

    Basically this is what I do:

    1. Connect PSP to PC
    2. Load disc with MPEG4 films on, I play them first to make sure they work, they are fine on PC.
    3. Copy both MPEG4 and thm files into the folder called '100MNV01' within folder called 'mp_root'.
    4. Go to movies section on PSP to load up transfered film, 'Corrupted Data' appears.

    I have gone through this process with about 10 MPEG4 files, they all do the same thing. I have also used ImTOO DVD to PSP software copying a DVD to MPEG4 just in case there is a problem with the collection that I have, but this latest conversion is also throwing up this error. I have recently just upgraded my PSP to version 3.11 but I am still getting these error messages, the MPEG4 files play fine on the PC.

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