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TRANSLATED COGSWAP intrucciones.txt

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Tobal_2, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Tobal_2

    Tobal_2 Guest

    Intrucciones of use - Loosely translated by Tobal_2 of forums.afterdawn.com or a_5hroom_4me@hotmail.com

    SQUARE - load to mcloader in route PS2REALITY in the MC

    X To execute original CDROM/Validar DVD

    In screen Cogswap Uses:

    X to send DVDr (to before put one, using cogswap, clear one:p)
    TRIANGLE To return to the beginning

    CD LOAD:


    The Exploit with a PSX disc starts.
    You need an original CD greater or equal PSX or PS2 with toc to the CD that we want to load (if CD PS2 is an obligatory protection EA)

    In the beginning screen, we used cogswap and we changed by backup.
    To press ready X and

    WITH CHIP(tipo USB, etc)

    It takes exploit with a CD with the modified SYSTEM.CNF.

    In the main screen, it puts backup and when it recognizes the disc,
    X presses (if it uses protection EA, then uses cogswap to change the disc)


    If you use a chip type NEON 8 mod..., ignites the console leaving pressed RESET.
    Originals of PSX puts a CD that takes exploit. In the main screen
    of the program, it puts greater or equal an original DVD of toc to backup. X Presses
    In the screen of ' Cogswap' Uses loosen reset and changes by backup of DVDR.
    Soon X presses. In other Chips or using cogswap, it is not necessary to have reset
    pressed, clear and single it changes the original DVD by backup at the suitable moment
    using cogswap, also called metodo EA.


    From MCLOADER:

    It creates a TITLE.DB using the utility of mrbrown to use your original one of PSX with exploit.

    Mcupload.txt with the following data creates a file:


    mcloader.elf is optional, but if you do not put it, podras not to use the SQUARE button to send it.

    In mcloader, the Install option raises to the files using that corresponds to you (CDROM, host, ps2vfs...)
    And soon in menu exploit, moves TITLE.DB and BOOT.ELF using the corresponding options


    Intrucciones de uso

    CUADRADO - carga mcloader en la ruta PS2REALITY en la MC

    EQUIS- Ejecutar CDROM/Validar DVD original

    En pantalla Use Cogswap:

    EQUIS lanzar DVDr (poner antes uno, usando cogswap, claro :p)
    TRIANGULO- Volver al inicio



    Arranca el Exploit con un disco de PSX.
    Necesitas un CD original de PSX o PS2 con toc mayor o igual al CD
    que queremos cargar (si es un proteccion EA obligatorio CD PS2)

    En la pantalla de inicio, usamos cogswap y cambiamos por el backup.
    Pulsar X y listo

    CON CHIP(tipo USB, etc)

    Arranca el exploit con un CD con el SYSTEM.CNF modificado.

    En la pantalla principal, mete el backup y cuando reconozca el disco,
    pulsa X (si usa proteccion EA, entonces usa cogswap para cambiar el disco)


    Si usas un chip tipo NEO 8 mod..., enciende la consola dejando pulsado RESET.
    Mete un CD originals de PSX que arranque el exploit. En la pantalla principal
    del programa, mete un DVD original de toc mayor o igual al backup. Pulsa X
    En la pantalla de 'Use Cogswap' suelta el reset y cambia por el backup de DVDR.
    Luego pulsa X. En otros chips o usando cogswap, no hace falta tener el reset
    pulsado, claro y solo cambia el DVD original por el backup en el momento adecuado
    usando cogswap, tambien llamado metodo EA.


    Desde MCLOADER:

    Crea un TITLE.DB usando la utilidad de mrbrown para usar tu original de PSX con el

    Crea un fichero mcupload.txt con los siguientes datos:


    mcloader.elf es opcional, pero si no lo pones, no podras usar el boton CUADRADO para

    En mcloader, sube los ficheros usando la opcion Install que te corresponda (CDROM,HOST,PS2VFS...)
    Y luego en el menu exploit, mueve TITLE.DB y BOOT.ELF usando las opciones correspondientes

  2. Tobal_2

    Tobal_2 Guest

    and here is the guide at ps2reality on how to install it using mcloader

    It guides Fast of Installation of the Cogswap Loader v 1.0

    We will need:

    Ps2 Reality Average Player 1,50 & MCloader: all already must know that he is this: )

    Cogswaploader v 1.0: Application made by Hermes which allows you to take backup of ps2 or is using a chip like: NEO2, USB, etc. or Cogswap

    Winrar: In order to decompress the file that brings the application to us

    CDgenps2 v 2.1: It create images iso and cue/bin compatible with Playstation 2.

    A recording program that is able to burn images CUE/BIN.

    TITLE.DB: our file TITLE.DB necessary to take exploit.

    Text editor: like the Wordpad of Windows.

    Step 1.

    First we must publish the file mcupload.txt. Originally it comes to us from this form:


    We must add the new entrances that are TITlE.DB and BOOT.ELF in the root directory of the average one to player, we will have left of this form:


    We kept and ready already we have culminated east step.

    Step 2.

    We opened the CDgenPS2 and we dragged the archives of player I have we included file TITLE.DB and BOOT.ELF in the root directory (they remember that we must insert the file mcupload.txt that we have published in step 1). I recommend that we fix the LBA of file SYSTEM.CNF with a value of the 12231 (LBA of other archives adjust automatically).

    SYSTEM.CNF: LBA:12231













    We generated the image with the CDgen ps2 and recorded the image cue/bin that we generated with the CDgen ps2 I I use CDRWIN.

    NOTE: I recommend that they insert a file AVI so that occupies but space in the disc and assure that to player is going to run without problem (I I always insert a film or a whatever mp3s that occupies to me approximately about 150 or 200mb therefore palyer start to me without problem:

    Step 3.

    The Installation in the Memory card

    For this we must load the PS Reality Average Player 1,50 in the Ps2, we will see that it is loaded to us MCloader v 1,10 and we go away to the option?Memory Card Manager? and we installed them file selecting the option?Install Files using CDROM? and we hope now to that it finishes installing all the archives, we selected the?MenĂº option Exploit? and we used the options Move TITLE.DB and Move BOOT.ELF with these we have managed to move the archives before mentioned.

    Once finalized this already we will have installed the MCloader v1.10 and CogswapLoader v 1.0

    - to load Cogswaploader v 1,0 we must insert the disc of psx to take the utility with exploit (EYE: it must be a game that we found inserted in the TITLE.DB so that exploit starts utility)

    - If we want to load the single MCloader we pressed square in the initial screen of the Cogswaploader. Also we can use the option Exploit Test of the Mcloader to return to load the Cogswaploader

    This it is the end of this Fast Gui'a of installation of the Cogswaploader for but information please review the document INSTRUCCIONES.TXT that brings the application

    Thanks to all the Team of PS2 Reality to always bring so useful applications to us for our PS2


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