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True Crime (help tried menu possible)

Discussion in 'PS2' started by jk323, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. jk323

    jk323 Guest

    hi, i juss burned a backup of my true crime streets of la and it wont work i use good meadia have a good burned 1:1 dvd copy image then burn ive tried using cd loader beta 5.1 i go to main screen and all it gives me is, beta 5v2,beta3, menu 3, menu 4, menu 5, menu 6, menu7, menu8 ive tried booting all of them still no go. the 2nd screen also gives me a selection for system.cnf which i never tried
    any suggestions would be helpful

    V7PS2, smd 2.0
    tdk media
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  2. G-Stylez

    G-Stylez Member

    Nov 23, 2003
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    hey, well...are u aboslutely sure u downloaded v5.1...I mean, when u download v5 cd loader it almost looks like 5.1 because it has a little 1 beside the 5...but I know for a fact that the v5.1 cd loader works for true crime...there should be a menu option that lets you choose 5v3...The characteristics you described sounds exactly like a v5 cdloader...Your best bet is to go back to the cdloader site www.swapmagicfix.com and make sure you choose 5.1, then once you get to the menu screen it will give you the option to choose 5v3, Im posititve...hopefully it helps..

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