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Turn 007: NightFire into a Boot Disk

Discussion in 'PS2' started by paigesdad, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. paigesdad

    paigesdad Guest

    since i havent came across this yet on here (even thought it probably is)I figure I'd post a trick I came across a few days ago on 1Emulation.com

    I'm only going to deal with the Slim Ps2 for now on this one!

    First off you need to make sure your sensors are blocked so you can keep your lid open!!There are plenty of ways to do this and tons of info on this site to help!

    Things You Need:

    1.007: Nightfire (found at gamecrazy used for $10.00)

    2.Apache Version 1.1 (Newer Versions Will Not Work)

    3.DVD Decryptor or IMGburn

    4.Any .ELF file you desire (I used Cogswap)

    Step 1:

    Make a Backup of 007:Nightfire using DVD Decryptor:

    Step 2:

    Open Apache Ver. 1.1 And Load The ISO you just created by clicking File, Then Open ISO

    Step 3:

    Highlight the "Driving".ELF on your ride side.(This is what the game will read when a driving level is about to load"

    While highlighted click "ISO TOOLS", then "Change TOC For Selected File"..............Now DO NOT CHANGE THE LBA!!!!! Change The SIZE to the EXACT size in bytes as the ELF file you wish to use(i used cogswap which is 58,160!

    Step 4: Minmize Apache and Locate Your COGSWAP.ELF and Rename it to DRIVING.ELF

    Step 5: Bring Apache up again and highlight driving.elf again; now while highlighted, click "ISO TOOLS" and click "Update Selected File"

    Step 6:Close Apache and burn with either DVDDecryptor or IMGburn!!!!

    ok heres the good part..... put the original Nightfire in your ps2 and crank it on....let it load to the main menu(if you dont have a save game on your mem card, which i didnt, it will start you right in a mission..so just press start and quit, and it will take you to the main menu!!) now, once at the main menu create a profile and yada yada lol and find where you can enter a cheat...once there enter TRACTION...to unlock the driving level (unless of course you want to play till you get there!), enter the cheat,save your profile, and return to the main menu...now swap the original for the backup, load up your profile and select the "Enemies Vanquished" level, and Voila! your ELF will now load!!!!.............

    I used cogswap for my first try but ultimately ended up making another one to install the FREE MC BOOT!!
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    Sep 15, 2006
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