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Tutorial: Cheat codes w/ PS2 backups

Discussion in 'PS2' started by ghazib, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. ghazib

    ghazib Guest

    HI All, I thought I would post a tutorial for all of those who would like to use cheat codes with their PS2 backups. I hope you find it useful.

    My setup:
    Early US NTSC PS2 (ver 1?) - No mods
    Swap card (plastic knife-trick thingy)

    What you will need to do this:

    One of the following -

    Gameshark (any version until 3.0)
    or Action Replay (any version until 2.3)

    very important - CDLoader utility burned on a CD-R
    CDLoader can be obtained from many forums / website

    1. Insert GS/AR into your PS2 and boot it up
    2. Screen comes up to view/pick codes
    3. You need to pick existing codes or enter a new one to force GS/AR to display a message "updating codes ..." - this is important
    4. At any time (but before you start a game) while in GS/AR, use the knife / swap card trick to exchange the GS/AR disc with the CDLoader disc
    The GS/AR disc stops spinning so the swap should go smoothly.

    The reason the CDLoader trick works is that GS/AR are both CD-based and as such the PS2 can be fooled into booting the CDLoader CD
    5. When you have selected the game and codes, go to "start game with codes" and press X
    6. The GS/AR screen should say "updating codes..." and 10 seconds later, you should see the CDLoader greeting screen
    7. Press Triangle to eject the CD and insert an original DVD or CD with a large TOC and press triangle again
    8. CDLOader should recognize the original DVD/CD and now press X
    9. CDLoader should say "exchange disc using EA method". Use the swap card / knife trick to replace the original with your backup
    10. Press X again after the swap trick.
    11. Your backup and the codes should boot up and work !!!

    I have played the following and more using this method: Splinter Cell, Silent Hill 3, GT3, Ace Combat 4, Need for Speed 2.....

    I hope you find this useful and kudos to the CDloader team (without them none of this would work).
  2. GlennT

    GlennT Regular member

    Jul 12, 2003
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    Yup, I use CDloader to play DVD-R games with codes. Especially cos I recently had some memory card problems and so I have to restart a whole load of games. E.g. I just used the "Unlock Extra Features" code for "The Getaway", so I have Freeroaming Back without having to do the whole game again.

    But for CD-R PS2 games, you don't neccessarily need CDloader. You can just boot CD-R from the AR/GS.
  3. Shouga

    Shouga Guest

    I have V4 PS2 with fliptop/smd combo and a Gameshark V2.

    I used the same method above to use cheats for my DVD-R games which worked well...

    But the double protection games like "Soul Calibur 2" and "Silent Hill 3" can't be played with cheats using the method above...The game loads and I am pretty sure that I got right codes for Version 2, but it seems to be not working.

    Are you certain that Silent Hill 3 worked on yours ghazib? Is the CD Loader has to be the new one?
  4. Shouga

    Shouga Guest

    I was such a idiot...
    I didn't save the codes after I input it...no wonder it didn't work...
    anyway nevermind about the question above...

    But I do have new one though...

    Ok now I can play any DVD-R games with codes...
    But I can't play my ORIGINAL IMPORT GAME with codes...Is there a different method for the Imports?

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