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Tutorial: Extracting, Inserting And Flashing Of Drive Keys Using USB Pen Drive

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by JOSh765, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. JOSh765

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    Dec 21, 2005
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    Extracting, Inserting And Flashing Of Drive Keys Using USB Pen Drive

    Please note how this is for replacing a HITACHI with a SAMSUNG

    This is guide was written for people who;
    Dont like floppy disks
    Dont want to hex edit MTKFLASH
    Just bought a new Pen Drive and think they may aswell use it
    Etc Etc

    The guide will take you through the following steps
    1) Making Sure You Have The Right Drives
    2) Getting The Hitcachi Into Mode B
    3) Connecting Xbox 360 To The PC
    4) Getting Drive Keys From Hitachi
    5) Inserting The Key Into Xtreme.bin
    6) Flashing The Samsung Drive
    I will not go through opening the xbox as there are many guides on the internet available


    Drive Types


    Please make sure that you have the drive on the RIGHT
    And want to flash the drive on the LEFT


    Getting The Hitachi Into Mode B

    There are 4 different ways to get a HITACHI into MODE B
    1) Slax Linux Boot Disk
    2) Two Wire Trick
    3) Connectivity Kit
    4) Hot Swap

    I will go through how to do it using the TWO WIRE TRICK

    What you will need;
    Two Sewing Pins
    (A 1K Ohm Resistor Can Be Used But Isnt Needed)

    1) Ensure the power cable and av cable are plugged into the xbox
    2) Look at the back of your DVD Drive
    3) You will see a small black sata cable and a power cable
    4) Unplug the power cable and put the sewing pins in to the connector as shown below


    Now for the bit the bit people get very scared of doing,
    If u do this wrong there is a risk of bricking the drive with no original firmware

    1) Touch the 2 sewing pins together, or connect them using a resistor
    2) Now turn on the xbox with the pins still connected
    3) the SECOND you see the green LED turn on untouch the pins
    the pins will usually just spring back into place if you let go, do some tests first without the power on

    Check for Mode B
    1) If using the Xbox 360 to power the drive and using the wire/resistor trick, your Xbox 360’s power LED should flash

    2) With all methods, it should take two presses of the eject button to either open or close the DVD tray.

    3) With all methods, when you eject the drive back in using the eject button, it should auto-eject back open a second later.

    4) Obviously, if the drive shows up in Windows, then it is in ModeB.


    Connecting The Xbox To The PC

    1) Now the Hitachi is in MODE B, dont turn the xbox off!

    2) Turn off the PC

    3) Use a seperate sata cable to connect the xbox 360 drive to the pc mother board

    4) Turn on your pc

    5) Whilst pc is booting up just keep ejecting the drive, as some people have found that not ejecting the drive leads the computer to freeze while loading, you do not have to keep on ejecting when the computer has booted up

    6) Open "My Computer" and check if the new drive is listed


    Getting The Drive Keys Off The Hitachi

    Getting the original firmware off the hitachi

    To do this i used Birdy Flasher 2.2
    (I cant post a direct link but i can give u a hand on where to find it)

    Download Xbins Automated Downloader - http://www.360mods.net/Downloads/get=29.html

    1) Run the self extracting archieve you have just downloaded
    2) When finished you should find an XBINS folder in the folder you just saved the XBINS.EXE file in

    1) Open the XBINS folder
    3)Wait around 20 secodns and a new window should open called FILEZILLA
    (if it doesnt juSt close the command window and open the ms dos batch file again)

    The FILEZILLA window should look something like this


    1) In the Right hand box open the XBOX 360 folder (be patient it'll take maximum 10 seconds to open fodler)
    2) Open FIRMWARE folder
    3) Open HACKED FIRMWARE folder
    4) Open HITACHI-LG GDR-3120L folder
    5) Drag the BIRDY_HITACHI-LG_friendly ... .rar file into the left hand box
    6) Wait for the file to download
    7) Now go back to the XBINS FOLDER you extracted, and open the DOWNLOADS folder

    1) Extract the Birdy.rar file (right click, extract to...)
    2) Double click the FLASHER icon
    3) It will look something like this


    The Hitachi drive should be selected in the top drop down box
    Simply press GO

    When asked to save original firmware choose "OUI" and save iT to a folder you'll remeber (its probably a good idea to make lots of copies of it!)
    Wait for the flashing to finish

    You will now have an ORIGINAL FIRMWARE file, which you can extract the keys from


    KDX V1.1 + Xtreme Proper PPF Patch (full package).zip http://www.clevermod.com/index.php?act=file&id=7&article=11
    KDX V1.5 http://www.clevermod.com/index.php?act=file&id=9&article=11

    Extract both of the files (right click, extract to...)

    1) Open the KDX V1[1].1 + XTREME PROPER PPF PATCH (FULL PACKAGE) folder
    2) Open the folder inside that
    3) Open the KDX V1.1_BY_F360 TEAM folder
    4) Open the KDX-1.1 file

    (it says 1.5 but 1.1 is layed out the same)

    When its open click LOAD FIRMWARE
    Choose the original firmware you made with the BIRDY FLASHER
    The drive key box will now have numbers and letters in, COPY IT (CTRL C etc)

    Now dont copy anythign else or you'll lose the drive key


    Inserting The Drive Key

    1) Open the KDX V1[1].1 + XTREME PROPER PPF PATCH (FULL PACKAGE)folder, you extracted
    2)Open the folder inside that
    4)Run PPF-O-MATIC3


    Should look something like that

    1) Click the floppy disk next to the ISO FILE box
    3) Open it
    4) Open the XTREME FIRMWARE 2006-05-15 folder
    5) Double click the XTREME.bin file

    1) Click the floppy disk next to the PATCH box
    3) Open it
    4) Open the XTREME_PROPER_PPF_PATCH folder
    5) Double click the XTREME_PROPER.PPF file

    Click the APPLY button

    Now go right back to where you saved both the.zip files, the KDX 1.1 and 1.5
    Open the KDX1[1].5-BY-F360TEAM folder
    Run KDX1.5

    1) Click LOAD FIRMWARE
    2) Open the XTREME firmware you jsut patched, will be in the same location as before
    3) Now click the DVD KEY box
    4) Press CTRL V
    5) The drive key should now be in that box
    6) Check that there is 16 little clumps
    7) Click SAVE FIRMWARE
    8) Save it to a place you'remeber but save it as HACKED (actually using capitals)




    Getting Samsung Hacked Firmware

    1)Open Xbins Again
    2)Open the XBOX 360 folder
    3)Open FIRMWARE folder
    4)Open HACKED FIRMWARE folder
    5)Open TOSHIBA-SAMSUNG TS-H943 folder
    6)Drag the Xtreme 52 file into the Left Hand Box

    Go to the floder where you jsut saved the XTREME 52.rar
    Extract it (right click, extract to...)
    You should now have a folder called XTREME 52 in the folder where you saved the .rar

    Creating Bootable USB Pen Drive

    We will be using Xtreme Boot Maker to create the USB
    Download - http://dwl.xbox-scene.com/xbox360pc/dvd/xtremebootmaker.0.3.6.rar

    And make sure you have .net framework 2 installed
    Download - http://filehippo.com/download_dotnet_framework_2/

    Now install both of the above
    When youve finished that open XTREME BOOT MAKER


    1)Click the open button, go to the XTREME 52 folder, open the FW folder, then double click the XTREM52D file
    3)Choose your SATA CHIPSET from the dropdown box
    4)Press DETECT ID - I/O, check both checkboxes underneath aswell
    5)Choose the drive letter where your USB pen drive is
    6)Check the FORMAT AND MAKE BOOTABLE box

    Now we want to put the HACKED FIRMWARE you saved yourself after patching onto the USB

    1)Open "MY COMPUTER"
    2)Open the USB PEN DRIVE
    3)Open the BACKUPS folder
    4)Make a new folder called "1234567" (without quotes obviously)
    5)Open the 1234567 folder
    5)Make a new folder called "12345" (without quotes)
    6)Copy the HACKED firmware yous aved into this file

    If underneath the HACKED FIRMWARE it just says file
    Rename it HACKED.BIN

    So it should be like this
    Backups -> 1234567 -> 12345 -> HACKED.BIN


    Download - http://www.360mods.net/Downloads/get=70.html
    Extract it (right click, extract to...)

    1)Open the UPDATE folder
    2)Copy the 3 files onto the USB PEN DRIVE

    With samread and x360sam itll ask if you want to overwirte choose YES

    You are now ready to flash the Samsung Drive

    Actually Flashing The Drive

    1)If you haven't done so already turn off your Xbox, take the sewing pins out the power cable,unplug all the cables fromt he back of the DVD Drive, and pull it out

    2)Take off the EJECT BUTTON and FACEPLATE from the HITACHI drive and put them on the samsung drive

    3)Put the SAMSUNG drive in your Xbox and plug in the POWER CABLE not the the SATA CABLE

    4)Turn on your Xbox 360, making sure the POWER CABLE AND AV CABLE are plugged into it

    5)Turn off the PC if you havnt already done so

    6)Make sure the USB pen drive is plugged in

    7)Boot your PC into USB, you may have to set this in your computers BIOS

    8)When its all loaded up into DOS and you can type stuff plug the sata cable into your SAMSUNG DRIVE and your PCs Motherboard

    9)Type "SAMHACK 1234567 12345" (without quotes)

    10) You should now get a LIST of things you can flash, the one you want will be called XTREME, if it doesnt show up, press escape, turn the xbox off, then on and type Samhack 1234567 12345 again

    11)Before choosing XTREME turn off off the xbox, now choose it by pressign the corresponding number, it will pause, count to about 10 and turn on your XBOX again

    12)When its done, unplug the sata cable from the XBOX leaving the other end connected, then turn off the pc, then the xbox

    13)Now turn on the PC and boot into USB PEN DRIVE again, and turn on the XBOX again

    14)When its fully booted, plug the sata cable back into either the XBOX and type SAMREAD XXXXXXX XXXXX (where the X's are your real serial number)

    15)If the XTREME one comes up on the list, turn off your xbox, choose the number corresponding to XTREME choice, wait 10 seconds and then turn on your XBOX
    (if it doesnt show up, press escape, power cycle the XBOX and try again)

    16)When its done, unplug the sata cable from the xbox, and power cycle both the XBOX and the PC

    17)Boot the PC back into DOS

    18)Type SAMHACK XXXXXXX XXXXX (Where the X's are your real serial number)

    19)If the XTREME one comes up on the list, turn off your xbox, choose the number corresponding to XTREME choice, wait 10 seconds and then turn on your XBOX
    (if it doesnt show up, press escape, power cycle the XBOX and try again)

    20)When its done, unplug the sata cable form the XBOX drive, turn off the PC, turn off the XBOX

    21)Plug the small black sata cable back into the SAMSUNG DRIVE

    22)Put in an original and see if it plays, if it does, the drive keys were right, if not yove messed up on the drive keys

    23)Put in a BACKUP and see if it plays, it does you've doen everything right and you can give yourself a pat on the back!, if not it was a bad flash and you can try again.

    People may be reading this wondering why we turn the xbox ohh befor choosing XTREME, this is so that teh flashign works for people with both MS25 and MS28 DRIVES, and people who already have a higher firmware on the samsung drive above 4.X i think.


    Thanks to google and clevermod for the images used
    And textbooks flashing guide for the Mode B indicators

    Last edited: Apr 29, 2007
  2. jelle2503

    jelle2503 Regular member

    Mar 17, 2007
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    that's a whole lots of BS.. why use PPFcrap to patch in a key? never heard of Firmware Toolbox 3.0?
    and never heard of Xtreme Boot Maker 0.5.3.?

    this tutorial has a high potential level of bricking your 360 drive.

    plus you did not write this. someone else did.
  3. JOSh765

    JOSh765 Regular member

    Dec 21, 2005
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    Look if you dont like this Tutorial then fine,
    Dont use it,
    This was written myself,
    The only parts not done originally by me where the pictures which i got off google and clevermod, and the Mode B indicators.

    I have done this myself and it worked fine for me.

  4. TY4ever

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    Jun 2, 2006
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    Can you please support what you're saying when you said he's not the one who wrote this.If you've found a SAME tutorial elsewhere,please link us to that,before going more further in your assumption.

    I think the guy is doing a great job by putting this tutorial here as he wants to share it with others(That's should be the mobo of everyone,we share what we know).So instead of saying these kind of harsh words to him and if you don't like that tutorial and think you know a better way,please post it.If not,that's not the place for you!


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