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TY Blank DVD-Rs

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by klm001, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. klm001

    klm001 Member

    Mar 1, 2005
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    Hi All
    I Recently purchased Taiyo Yuden DVD01X0165-050 DVD-Rs. The Description states that they are printable. But the top surface is mirrored like the burning side. Are these indeed printable using an inkjet printer?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Balaam

    Balaam Regular member

    Nov 19, 2004
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    It depends. There are several different type of silver printable Taiyo Yudens. There are the silver thermal printables, which can't be printed in an inkjet printer. Then there are the silver inkjet printables. Not sure which ones you got...
  3. dvdauthor

    dvdauthor Guest

    does it say "Inkjet Printable" on the label anywhere? if it does - you bought the silver ones - you can also get the white colored ones from Taiyo Yuden - I just ordered 100 Taiyo Yudens that are White inkjet hub printable....
  4. billwebso

    billwebso Guest

    That is the product code for TY thermal's these are not inkjet printable. Sorry.

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