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u torrent or azureus or who? which is the best?

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by jk7378, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. jk7378

    jk7378 Guest

    hi i am new to bit torrent and downloads and i have been having problems all over!! i use a laptop with a belkin router and ive had problems with nat problems and port forwarding and as im very new to it all, its all quite complicated to me. can someone please help me out i want to get started downloading torrents . thankyou.
  2. nox123456

    nox123456 Member

    Feb 5, 2007
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    Its very simple

    First you have to turn off all your firewalls since they are blocking these stuff
    and then.........--->

    1 -step-go to CMD (start->Run->CMD)
    2-step-in CMD press ipconfig and get your local IP address..
    3-Step open your internet explore and call your router page (if you have problems with calling this page please refer your router manual in that you’ll probably find router page calling address such as or some thing like this it depend on the router.)
    4-Step please search for NAT settings in the router page index(you may have to take a look in the main page)you’ll probably able to fine NAT settings or Virtual Server

    Ok after you find the NAT try to find the Virtual server

    In side the virtual server you’ll able to meet these things you have to fill these things in order to open a port.

    You may able to find
    *Lan IP address
    *Protocol type
    *LAN port
    *Public Port
    *enable (radio button with a selectable space)

    Try to find these things in your router page one you got right on track this will be piece of cake.

    Now what you have to do is fill those settings you have to fill em like this
    *Lan IP address –put the IP adderss what you have got at the beginning (most probably it should be like this>EX- if you calling your router page by your LAN IP will be

    *Protocol type –you have to Selcet UDP&TCP

    *LAN port-ok now this thing you have to take form the application which you are gonna download torrents EX-if its Utorrent just go to options >preferences >connection>
    And in side connection tab you may able to get your port like 3215 or some thing like this so after getting you port address you have to deselect Random port selection option if its there

    *Public port- this is also same port address what you have taken form your torrent download application –Put same address what you have put for the LAN Port
    *enable-well you are almost finish now you have to enable this settings and save them all and log off.

    And please make sure to turn off your router ones and turn it on then only this will work properly

    I wish after changing these settings your yellow or red color indicator will be green soon

    Best of luck.

    oh and after doing all the things still it's not working best thing is go for bare share (but this thing has a add ware prob but simply you can download any thing you need)
  3. rav009

    rav009 Active member

    Nov 14, 2005
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    Try them out for yourself and see what you like, personally I like uTorrent for its tiny memory footprint. Read here for help on forwarding your belkin router:


    Good luck!

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