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Unusual Bittorrent Problem - Tracker Connect, Peers Connected, 0.00 MB Downloaded

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by mezarashi, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. mezarashi

    mezarashi Member

    Aug 13, 2004
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    I have searched top and bottom for answers to this problem that I have, and have found none. I decided that it is really time I post it in hope that someone will be able to give suggestions. Basically this is the overview:

    Connection: Behind university T1 connection which uses a 100Mbps Ethernet local area connection for the internal university network. On this internal network, my computer is assigned a local ip that of a 172.20.*.* which is generally static. It detects my MAC address I think. If I unplug my PC and plug it into another network point, it will still actually reassign the same IP to my computer, but if I leave the computer off for a few days, and turn it back on, I'll get a new IP. Anyway, I access the internet through a proxy server port. I can use irc, and make dcc connections without a problem. I understand this means that I am behind a NAT router which I am unable to configure. There is definitely no firewall installed though. I HAVE used bittorrent to get files before, but it has been problematic nonetheless.

    Now to the problem with bittorrent. First of all, I cannot connect to ANY PHP trackers. I can only connect to python trackers generally. I've noticed lately that trackers on port 6969 receive a '10061 Connection Refused' error now. Possibly the work of the admins. However, there are still many trackers not on those ports, which I connect to fine, Bittornado gives me the green icon, but it's just that nothing happens. The tracker indicated 2000 seeds and 10000 leechers, but I'm not getting any of that action. It seems a little bit peculiar.

    A picture attached:

    It will remain this way no matter how long I wait, and no matter how many peers connect. If anybody has any bright ideas, you'll be my god/goddess forever. Thanks in advance.
  2. ikejam

    ikejam Guest

    no solutions. but ive got the exact same problem.. similar possibly same situation.

    University NAT is suspect one but I'm also wondering whther its because of everyone puttin "super-seeder" mode.

    any ideas? nyone?

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