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usb drive and max drive question

Discussion in 'PS2' started by jepsilon, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. jepsilon

    jepsilon Guest

    okay, here's my question...

    I have the maxdrive software (ps2/pc), and the action replay max EVO software...i used the have the usb drive provided by datel, but it broke, it sucked a$$ period...so i ordered a new usb drive from supermediastore.com, an apacer 128mb usb drive...

    now, the blue usb drive icon appears in both softwares, but i'm neither able to format it with action replay nor am i able to transfer files to and fro...

    i already tried formatting the usb drive with win xp, both as fat and fat32, and nothing..

    can someone please help?
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  2. r0c0

    r0c0 Guest

    yea i can help , u are fuked cuz i had the same problem and bought another usb pen (lexar 128mb) and that one works great .. AR MAX doesnt work with every pendrive BUT it will work with alot of usb devices like cameras , ngage ...Just look at the threat about it in the forums
  3. jepsilon

    jepsilon Guest

    say it ain't so
  4. r0c0

    r0c0 Guest

    it is
  5. jepsilon

    jepsilon Guest

    well is there another software besides action replay max?
  6. jepsilon

    jepsilon Guest

    anyone have other input???

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