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Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by cj4204all, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. cj4204all

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    Feb 1, 2007
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    All these games are listed as workimg without any problems. They are listed in alphabetical order. If you dont see your game on the list, There is an almost certain chance it doesent work with USBEXTREME. Enjoy! P.S. IF YOU HAVE A GAME THAT WORKS WITH USBEXTREME %100 WITHOUT ANY DNAS SWAPS AND DONT SEE IT LISTED PLEASE ADD TO THE POST. THAMKS!


    1.Ace Combat 4 Shattered Skies , 2. Ace Combat zero: The belkan war, 3. Aeon Flux,
    4. Aero Elite, 5. Agent Under Fire 007,6. Air Ranger 2,7. Airborne Troops Countdown To D-Day,
    8. Alpine Racer 3,9. ArticThunder,10. ATV Offroad Fury 2,11. ATV Quad Power Racing,
    12. Battlefield 2 modern combat, 13. Beyond Good and Evil, 14. Black,15. BloodRayne,
    16. Bloodrayne 2,17. Bloody Roar 3 & 4,18. Breath of Fire 5,19. Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter,
    20.CALL OF DUTY 321.Call of Duty22.Castlevania - Lament of Innocence23.Charlie and chocolate Factory
    24.Chicken Little25.Clock Tower 326.cold fear27.Combat Elite: World War II Paratroopers
    28.Commandos 229.Contra Shattered Soldier30.Crash Tag Team Racing31.Crashed
    32.Crazy Taxi33.Crimson Sea 234.Dark Summit35.Darkwatch36.DDRMax37.Dead or Alive 2
    38.Dead to Rights39.Death By Degree40.Def Jam - Fight For New York41.Devil Kings,
    42.Devil May Cry43.Devil May Cry 3,44.Downhill Domination,45.Driv3r46.DT Racer
    47.Dynasty Tactics 2,48.Dynasty Warrior 3&5,49.Ecco the dolphin,50.EJ Clubworld
    51.Enthusia - Professional Racing52.Extreme G353.Fairly OddParents54.Family Guy
    55.Fatal Frame 2&3,56.Final Fantasy X57.fire warrior58.Firefighter FD18
    59.flanders60.Ford Racing 361.Freekstyle62.Frequency63.FRONT MISSION 4
    64.Full Metal Alchemist 265.Full metal Alchemist And The Broken Angel
    66.Galerians: ASH67.Gauntlet Dark Legacy68.Genji69.Get Backers70.ghost recon
    71.GhostHunter,72.Gran Turismo 373.Grand Theft Auto 3,74.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    75.Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,76.Gundam Battle Assault 3.77.Hard Hitter 2.78.Hard Rock Casino
    79.Harvest Moon : Save the Homeland,80.He Man - Defender of Grayskull,81.Headhunter
    82.Hot Shots & 3,83.I-Ninja,84.Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb,85.J League & 4
    86.jaws unleashed,87.Jet Go 2,88.Jimmy Neutron - Jet Fusion,89.K-1-200190.Kanon
    91.Katamari Damacy,92.Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer.93.Kessen 3,94.Killer 7,95.King of Fighters - 2002
    96.King of Fighters - 2003,97.King of Fighters - Maximum Impact,98.King Of Fighters 2006
    99.Kingdom Hearts,100.L.A Rush,101.lagacy of kain,102.Lego Star Wars,103.Lethal Skies II
    104.LOTR ROTK,105.Love Smash,106.Macimo Ghosts To Glory,107.Mad Trix
    108.ManHunt,109.Marc Ecko's Getting Up Contents Under Pressure,110.Marvel vs Capcom 2
    111.max payne 2,112.Maximo, Ghost To Glory,113.MC Farlanes, Evil Prophecy,
    114.Medal of Honor : European Assault.115.Mega Man - Anniversary Collection
    116.Mega Man X Collection,117.Men in Black II Alien escape,118.Mercenaries
    119.Metal Gear Solid 2 & sNAKE eATER, 120.METAL SLUG 4 & 5,
    121.Metals Arms: Glitch in the System,122.Metropolismania,123.Midway Arcade Treasures 1&3
    124.Mobile Light Force 2,125.Monster 4x4 Masters,126.Monster Rancher 3,4, & evo
    127.Mortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance,128.Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks,129.MotoGP 3
    130.MX Superfly,131.My Street,132.Narc,133.Naruto Ultimate Ninja,134.NASCAR From Dirt to Daytona
    135.Nascar Heat 2002,136.Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit 2,137.Need for Speed Most Wanted
    138.Need For Speed: Underground,139.Next Generation Of Chaos,140.Nhra Championship Drag Racing
    141.Nightmare Before Christmas,142.Ninja Assault,143.ObsCure,144.Okami,145.On The Hedge
    146.One Piece Pirates Carnival,147.Onimusha 2,148.Onimusha 3 - Demon Seige,149.Onimusha 4 Dawn of Dreams
    150.Open Season,151.Over The Edge,152.Pac Man World 2,153.PAC-MAN Fever,154.Pacman World 3
    155.Penny Racers,156.Pirates The Legend of Black Buccaneer,157.Power Drome,158.Prince of Persia - Sands of Time,159.Prince Of Persia - Warrior Within,160.Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones,161.Professional Drag Racing 2005,162.Project Arms,163.Psi-Ops, The Mindway Conspiracy,164.Radiata Stories,165.Raging Bless
    166.Ratchet and Clank,167.Ratchet and Clank : Up Your Arsenal,168.Rayman Revolution,169.Resident Evil - Outbreak,170.Resident Evil 4,171.RESIDENT EVIL OUTBREAK 2,172.Return T CAstle Wolfenstein
    173.Risk - Global Domination,174.Robotech: Battlecry,175.Rocket Power Beach Bandits,176.rocky
    177.Rocky Legends,178.Romance of the Three Kingdoms 9,179.saint,180.Samurai Warriors & 2,
    181.Sarges War,182.Scarface,183.SD Gundam G Generation Seed,184.Shadow Man 2,185.Shadow Of Destiny
    186.Shadow of Rome,187.Shadow Of The Hedghog,188.Shaman King: Power of Spirit,189. Shawn Palmer's Pro Snowboarder,190.Shine,191.Shining Force NEO,192.SHO X,193.Shrek 2,194.Shrek Superslam
    195.Silent Hill 2,196.Silent Scope 2,197.sim2 pets,198.Sky Gunner,199.Sled Storm,200.Sly 2 Band of Thieves
    201.Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves,202.Sly Cooper and Thievious Racoon,203.socom 1,2 AND 3
    204.Soldier Of Fortune Gold,205.Sonic Mega Collection Plus,206.Sonic Riders,207.Soul Calibur 2&3
    208.Soul Reaver 2,209.Space Harrier,210.Spiderman,211.Spiderman 2,212.Spy Hunter 2
    213.SpyHunter,214.SSX 3,215.Star Ocean Till The End Of Time,216.Star Wars - Clone Wars
    217.Star Wars Lego 2,218.Star Wars Revenge of the Sith,219.State Of Emergency 2
    220.Stuntman,221.Summoner,222.Tak 2 the staff of dreams,223.Tak The Great Juju Challenge
    224.Tales Of Legendia,225.taz- wanted,226.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus
    227.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 ,228.Tekken 4,229.Tekken 5,230.Tekken Tag Tournament
    231.Test Drive - Eve of Destruction,232.The Bard's Tale,233.the bouncer,234.The Getaway: Black Monday
    235.the incredibels,236.The Italian Job,237.The Money Battle,238.The Polar Express,239.THE SAINT
    240.The Scorpion King,241.The Simpsons Road Rage,242.The Sims Bustin Out,243.The Suffering: ties that bind
    244.The Thing,245.The URBZ,246.The Warriors,247.Time Crisis 2 & 3,248.Time Splitters 2,249.Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift,250.Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero,251.Tomb Raider Legend,252.tony hawk,252.Top Gun
    253.Transformers,254.Tribes,255.True Crime,256.True Crime - Streets Of LA,257.True Crime:New York City
    258.Tsugunai,259.turok evoluation,260.Twisted Metal Black,261.ty- tasmanian tiger,262.Ultimate - Spiderman
    263.Ultimate Board Game Collection,264.Urban Reign,265.Vampire Nights,266.Viewtiful Joe,267.Viewtiful Joe 2
    268.Virtual Cop,269.WakeBoarding,270.War Of The Monsters,271.Wave Rally,272.Way of the Samurai
    273.We Love Katamar,274.Wild Arms - Alter Code F,275.wild arms 4,276.Wipeout Fusion,277.Wizardry - Tale of the Forsaken Land,278.Wreckless - The Yakuza Missions,279.X-Men Legends,280.X-Men: Next Dimension
    281.X2 - Wolverine's Revenge,282.
  2. cj4204all

    cj4204all Member

    Feb 1, 2007
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    "WHY PAY"?
  3. rockinpsp

    rockinpsp Guest

    mainly because you help out the guys who made this awsome promgram for you.

    if it was not for there hard work. that we whouldn't have this awsome program.

    and people whould be copying games and re-selling them back to stores.

    which i know i lot of people are doing these days.

    besides it's only like $26.00 on this one website i found afew days ago, and a old hd and usb addpter. which is under $100.00

    for 282 games that you can play on any ps2 with a usb port.

    man i i am thinking about getting usbextreme for me and for a friends slim ps2 setup.
  4. rockinpsp

    rockinpsp Guest

    wish there was something like this for the gamecube........
  5. Xplaya

    Xplaya Guest

    More games working then I expected.

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