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using ifoedit v.96

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by C4U, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. C4U

    C4U Guest

    we have my brothers wedding on dvd and it has the title of the company that filmed the wedding at the top of the screen. How do I correct this using ifoedit. Or do you have a more simple resolution
  2. vietorisz

    vietorisz Member

    Jul 21, 2003
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    the company's logo has probably been put on a video editng software and most likely you cannot remove it unless you reedit your files with a video software and either stretch the video or use a cinema effect which puts two black lines above and underneath and covers the logo but takes away alot from your video.I hope this was helpful.
  3. badtrack

    badtrack Guest


    This may be a little late, but I've only just joined.

    You would need to re-edit the DVD footage. I'm guessing the company title is a constant, unmoving part of the image? If so you need to "Rotoscope" the footage. This means editing out the title frame by frame where it occurs in a video editing suite. [bold]Now[/bold], before you panic this can be straightforward, but it needs an editor capable of automated rotoscoping. ULead's Media Studio Pro, Videopaint component provides for this and you can download the latest version for a free 30 day trial (complete) which should get your job done. Essentially you paint out the title on the first frame it occurs and then "extend" the edit over however many frames you wish. This works fine as long as the background under the title does not change to rapidly or often. You could replace it with your own title logo instead, if the changes are to much to edit around conveniently.

    All this assumes that you can re-encode/burn the footage as necessary afterwards; but "c'est la vie".


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