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v1 PS2 questions

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by L84skewl, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. L84skewl

    L84skewl Guest

    Hey guys, I just ordered a flip top... and I have some questions.

    I'm reading that some people can only get games working on DVD+R's.. and I've been told V1 PS2 will only read DVD-R's (and mine does, I've tested it with a DVD movie).. but I haven't tried DVD+R's..

    So when I get my Flip Top.. am I not going to be able to back up games that need to be on +R's? or will Swap Magic make it read both?

    anyone know. Thanks for your help.
  2. Winning11

    Winning11 Guest

    V.1's tend to read -r unless u're lucky. But u should get all the games to work on dvd-r. Btw for movies u can use either + or -r

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