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V12 need help

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by XNikoX, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. XNikoX

    XNikoX Guest

    Im going to buy a v12 this weekend. Is there a way i can mod my ps2 without ripping the warrent sticker? I dont want to use the swapdisk's.
  2. Doulley

    Doulley Guest

    no but if anything goes wrong with ps2 sony will charge u a bill that with that kinda money u could buy a new freaking ps2 my suggestion go to www.modchip.ca and buy a premodified console and if anything goes wrong they fix what needs to be fixed like my laser burnt out they replaced a new laser 40$ sony would chage 190$ buy premodified with modchip swap magic is gay
  3. PimpDawg

    PimpDawg Guest

    If you want to mod your ps2, I would stay away from getting a brand new ps2. Reason being is because after installing a chip into a new v12 ps2, the laser usually goes out. If you want to mod a ps2, I would suggest getting a used one on ebay or buying a pre-modified system that has been refurbished.

    Many of the sites that sell pre-modified systems do not even sell the new slimline ps2 because of the high risk of the laser failing.

    If you are now thinking about buying a pre-modded console, the site that Doulley gave you has an outragous price for the premodified system, $380... WHAT A RIP!

    On http://www.steelcityelectronics.com/ (look under the bargains section) you can buy a refurbished v7 ps2 that comes with a chip and has a warranty for $170. This also comes with 1 controller, hookups, and has free shipping. This site is very credible, so you know you will be getting good stuff here.

    If you want a brand new modded ps2, check out this site, http://www.modchipworld.com/product_info.php?products_id=152 you can get it here for $290.

    Also www.modchipman.com sells pre-modified ps2's for really cheap, I think around $210, but I do not know if they have any in stock yet?
  4. XNikoX

    XNikoX Guest

    I already have a v9 that i modded by myself. I just bought a dms4 lite modchip it comes with this other chip that take care of the lazer, so the lazer wont get burnt. But i want to get a slim that is why im asking if there was a way to open it with out getting rid of the warrenty.
  5. RemyK313

    RemyK313 Regular member

    Dec 24, 2004
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    I've yet to have a single problem with Swap Magic 3.3 and a PS2LiD on my v12. I've been running it like that with over 40 backups for the last three months.

    Swap Magic doesn't harm the lens.
    Also, if you remove the screws, you'll see that you can actually use the sticker as a sort of HINGE if you want to install a fliptop.

    As for modchips, I seriously recommend not getting it chipped right now. There really isn't too much support for the v12 right now when it comes to that.

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