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V14 & V15 List of games w/ compatibility issues

Discussion in 'PS2' started by FoxStar, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Feb 2, 2005
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    When I bought my V14 Ps2, I thought I was in for a good deal. Given the choice between V13 and V14, it appeared the newer would be better. However, the V14/V15 have been reported to be INCOMPATIBLE with certain games, and even worse, Sony has NOT checked every PS2 game. There are many games which Sony does not have time to check, but very possibly may have problems. Some of these games seem obscure, but we have some BIG names in here such as Tekken 5, Jak X, and Beyond Good and Evil.

    That's where you come in. The purpose of this thread is to create a more complete list compared to Sony's list of the games with compatibility issues for V14/V15 PS2s. Even now the list in this page is MORE COMPLETE than the list Sony has on their website.

    If you happen to find any games with notable problems and are unique to your V14/V15 Ps2 and not to your friend's V1-V12 PS2, please post so in this thread for something to watch out for.

    First List reported by Sony:
    ATV Offroad Fury™ 3
    Big Mutha Truckers™
    Big Mutha Truckers™ 2
    ESPN NBA 2K5
    Everquest® Online Adventures: Frontiers™
    F1 2001: will sometimes freeze after the title logo
    F1 2002: will sometimes freeze after title logo when game is started up with GT-FORCE controller attached. If GT-FORCE is not attached, works fine.
    Fight Night Round 2
    Gauntlet Dark Legacy: Will sometimes freeze following the opening movie
    Ghost Recon™: Jungle Storm™ (Tom Clancy's)
    Jak X: Combat Racing™: Autosave errors which can seriously corrupt memory card
    Major League Baseball 2K5 (ESPN)
    SRS: Street Racing Syndicate™
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour® 2005
    Tomorrow Never Dies (007)
    Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan

    Later List translated and reported by IGN:
    Hitman Contract: takes extended time to create save file
    Racing Battle C1 Grand Prix: sound effects will sometimes replay endlessly when you hit walls and rails
    The Stylish Mahjong: Will sometimes freeze at the save screen once you've changed the options
    Tekken 5: When selecting "Tekken 3" from Arcade History, the game will sometimes freeze following the save screen.

    List of games I have found which Sony didn't catch!!:
    Beyond Good and Evil: all sound effects continuously repeat until switch to new scene
    SpongeBob Squarepants- Lights, Camera, PANTS: game freezes and completely stops randomly at loading screens with no resuming back to gameplay, maybe once every 30 minutes of gameplay

    PLEASE reply to this thread if you come across anything yourself, or if you find this information helpful at all. It will benefit all the owners of V14/V15 who happen to read this thread.

    Note: The information on IGN may be confused to be pertaining only to the newly released V15 models. However, IGN states that "All new PlayStation 2 revisions from here on out, including any units that carry the SCPH-75000 model number, will have these problems. Sony hasn't provided a reason for why the problems exist, but suggests that those who want to play the blacklisted games purchase an SCPH-70000 or earlier model PS2."

    From my understanding, the problem is most likely the integrated EE+GS chip, as that is what separates the V14 from the V13.
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  2. Ace_2

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    Does Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 have a glitch in which certain sounds will constantly loop until it plays again, like a tire screech or the horn on a console other than Version 14?

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