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Verbatim DVD+R Viability Testing in a Older V1 PS2 (Long)

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Zenica, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Zenica

    Zenica Member

    Apr 4, 2003
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    A number of posts indicate that older PS2 machines are unable to use/read DVD+R media. As an owner of an older PS2 - V1, and user of DVD+R media, I wanted to post my testing results for community review/discussion.

    Playstation 2 V1 Motherboard
    Magic 3.1u Modchip
    Toggle Switch Cutoff


    Verbatim DVD+R

    [bold]Games Tested:[/bold]
    (06 Hrs) Zone of Enders
    (03 Hrs) Quake 3 (CD-ROM)
    (10 Hrs) Splinter Cell
    (01 Hrs) GTA: Vice City
    (04 Hrs) Mortal Kombat: DA
    (02 Hrs) Hitman 2
    (02 Hrs) War of the Monsters
    (02 Hrs) LOTR: Two Towers
    (03 Hrs) SSX Tricky
    (31 Hrs) Total Played
    [bold]Initial Testing (Pre-Toggle):[/bold]
    After installation of my mod chip I immediately experienced DVD Read errors sporatically during gameplay, almost all from 0 to 5 minutes after start of game.

    It should be noted that on my playstation 2 I have always had problems playing certain DVD Movies (example: LOTR is unable to be watched at all). At this point my assuption was the the DVD read problems were either:

    1) My DVD Drive itself or;
    2) The Media (DVD+R) or;
    3) The Modchip

    Or any combination of the three. Initial options I considered:

    1) DVD Laser Azimuth Adjustment - while I had at my disposal a friend with an oscilliscope, I did not want to begin this prodedure as my first step because while one movie had a problem playing, all of my DVD games played flawlessly (originals).

    2) The Media - I was sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. All I have access to is a DVD+RW drive, and none of my contacts had an older DVD-R drive.

    3) The Modchip - there were tons and tons of posts about Magic 3.1 chips running hot, and having overclocked a number of devices in my past the problems I was encountered smacked of being heat related.

    In my mind, if it was the Media, why would the disc play at all, and why would the lockups be completely random?

    Initially I tried adding some therman grease (sparingly) to the top fo the chip, no effect.

    I had planned on buying thermal tape to put under the chip, but impatience and lack of supply lead me to install a toggle switch that would allow me to turn the chip off, power and all at will after a game had loaded.

    In my mind, if I could get the game to load past the intial check, and turn off the chip, thereby removing the chip as an interfering entitiy, I would eliminate a major potential cause / focus my attention on it being either media or the Laser adjustment.

    After installation and prior to first startup, I was resolved to trying to do the l aser adjustment if this did not solve the problem. Why? I still could not shake the thought that my DVD might be out of line, and that might ultimately have been my problem. Recall the mention of my difficulties with LOTR earlier, while a good friend of mine with the same version PS2, has had zero problems.

    After I powered up the machine for the first time, the familiar hacked Playstation 2 logo with a grey box around it appeared and disappeared. I threw the switch, turned the chip off.

    After a period of 45 Minutes we decided that the chip in my PS2 was either overheating, or had an inherant installation fault, or was on the road to badville.

    We really did not think it was the installation, my friend had done it in his companies electronics lab using a full field microscope at 20x magnification.

    What it did tell me was that the DVD+R media did not appear to be a problem in my V1 PS2.

    I did not feel that 45 minutes was sufficient time for testing. I decided to wait on posting until I had tested a variety of DVD games for a significant period of time. After 31 hours of play I feel confident in saying that Verbatim DVD+R media does not pose an issue for V1 PS2's modded with a Magic 3.1u.

    If you experience problems with this media, my suggestion is to re-evaluate your chip placement and heat level. Possibly consider adding thermal tape below the chip to reduce chip to motherboard heat. Adding such tape should put the chip top in contact with the RF shield which should further add to heat dissipation.

    If this does not solve your lockup problems, consider more radical options such as the installation of a cutoff switch.

    Thank you for your time, I hope my information has proven useful.

  2. bodul67

    bodul67 Regular member

    Dec 31, 2002
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    Zen - I understand the your diagram, I just don't know where do I connect the led (2) wires?
  3. Zenica

    Zenica Member

    Apr 4, 2003
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    My memory is a little fuzzy but I believe the LED connects to:

    Switch Middle Connector -- LED -- Chip

    If you install the LED on the Power line it is going to be on costantly whether the toggle is open or closed.

    The LED is eye candy. Better to not use it and know you have a simpler design, less things to break.


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