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Version 9 PS 1 Boot changed

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Drustan, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Drustan

    Drustan Guest

    Guys please goto messiah2.com to download .pdf files on your specific version of ps2. I have a v9 and spent endless of hours trying to figure out why my ps1 cdr would not boot up. Please note holding the reset button for longer than 4 secs NOW TURNS OFF YOUR PS2. Method is now....standby mode->press and hold eject button for at least 1 second after blue light comes on->insert cdr->press eject button...cdr now boots.Woohhooo!! *thought my ps2 was faulty.
  2. barabora

    barabora Member

    Nov 21, 2003
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    didnt work for me

    i got the same model

    us version 9

    schp 50001

    please explain that process again...
  3. Drustan

    Drustan Guest

    Barbora, I am asuming you have a messiah chip installed. Version 9 ps2 boot up for ps1 backups, is now changed from previous versions. Before with previous versions, you held the reset button for 4 secs to activate the ps1 cdr boot up. Now with version 9, because if you hold the reset button for 4 secs it puts the ps2 into standby mode. So again for ps1 cdr version 9 ps2 do the following... Turn your console on, press and HOLD RESET BUTTON FOR at LEAST 1 SEC, place ps1 cdr in tray and close tray, now the ps1 cdr will boot.
  4. Drustan

    Drustan Guest

    OOPS, sorry misptype on the above thread..ITS turn on console, PRESS AND HOLD EJECT BUTTON FOR AT LEAST 1 SEC (not the reset button, sorry that was a typo mistake), insert ps1 cdr into tray, close tray....ps1 cdr will now boot.

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