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Very slow dvd-r burns using Nero--- help

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by elmiket, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. elmiket

    elmiket Member

    Jan 21, 2003
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    I am having trouble burning any DVD-R's using Nero On two different burners (one firewire, one IDE) when I burn a DVD-R, it burns very slow. The burn light will come on for about 5 seconds and then go off for about 15 seconds and keeps repeating this pattern. It takes about 4 - 5 hours to burns a full DVD-R. I don't have this problem using Prassi, but DVDXcopy won't let me use that burning software. I have tried turned DMA off with no luck. Is the problem with Nero (it seems so as I can burn OK with Prassi), and if so what can I do about it. It does this with previous version of Nero as well.

    I am running XP Pro on an Athlon 1.1
    The two burners I have tried are a firewire LaCie (Pioneer DVR104 with upgraded firmware) and a Pioneer A05.
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  2. swatter

    swatter Guest

    Nero 5.5.10 has a bug in it and won't work with a Pioneer A05 go back to thats what I had to do.

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