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  1. jontracey

    jontracey Guest

    I Know
    1: You need to have the origional video content.(For me Futurama)
    2: You have to rename the file by the process of some converter.
    3: You place the file under the mp root of your memory stick.

    1: What converter should I use?
    2: Where do I find the converter?
    3: What folder of mp root do I use?
    4: Am I missing any steps? If so what step am I missing?

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. deejizzle

    deejizzle Guest

    i recommend psp video 9. juss convert whatever files you want and itll do it for you to mp4. stick in your psp witht he mem stick. then after that juss go to copy, select the file you want to copy and itll place all the tings in the right folder so you dont have to do anything except a couple of clicks. you can find it on google, its not that hard to find.

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