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Vista Tips 'n Tricks

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by CKhaleel, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. CKhaleel

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    Great, I installed Vista, it sucks, and I lost my XP CD! Oh well, gotta try to get some tips 'n tricks I found in XP work in Vista.

    Disable User Account Control

    I HATE that stupid cancel or allow screen every time you try to start an exe. How to disable UAC:

    Click the Vista Orb, then select Control Panel. (Obviuos?) Click "Add or Remove User Accounts" under "User Accounts and Family Saftey". Click on the User Account you want to disable UAC on. Click "Go to the main User Account page". Now, click "Turn User Account Control On or Off". Click the box next to "Use User Account control to help protect your computer". Click OK.

    All Done Now!

    This tweaks (speeds up) Vista by about 2%. And, it saves time.

    Disable Sidebar

    The Sidebar can use a chunk of RAM, and could slow up boot-up time. Here's how to disable it:

    First right-click this icon:


    Click 'Properties'. Uncheck 'Start sidebar when Windows starts'. Click OK.


    This speeds up Vista boot-up time by 10%.

    How to speed up Vista by disabling Aero

    Simple. Right-click your Desktop, and hit 'Personalize'. Now click 'Theme' Select a theme. (For a real boost, select 'Windows Classic'). Click OK. This speeds up Vista a lot.

    4GB RAM problem

    If you're using 32-bit Vista, you'll NEVER see "Available RAM: 3455 or up MB". 32-but Vista does NOT support anything above 3.5GB. 64-bit Vista can use up to 128 Gigs! (If that was possible...)

    Extend Vista trial to 90 days

    So, did you pirate Vista? What a moron you are. But heres something:

    Go to Start, in the lil search box, type 'cmd', but instead of pressing Enter, hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Now type "slmgr -rearm".

    The trial will reset to 30 days. Do this 2 more times, and it should say 90 days to activate Windows. If you do this a fourth time, Vista will lock up.

    How to select XP as default OS (Must have XP instaleed too.)

    Click start, type cmd in the search box, and and hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

    Type: bcdedit /default {ntldr}


    Hidden Bootscreen

    In the Start button search box, type msconfig, and hit enter. Click the Boot tab, and check No GUI boot. Restart and you'll see the hidden bootscreen.

    How to delete a system file in Vista

    In the Start menu search box, type cmd, and hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

    Now type: takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\en-US\(file you want to mess around with)

    Hit ENTER.

    Now type: cacls C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winload.exe.mui /G (Username goes here):F

    Type Y, hit enter, done!

    Disable Delete Confirmation

    Right-click on Recycle Bin, hit Properties, uncheck Display delete confirmation dialog.


  2. CKhaleel

    CKhaleel Regular member

    Feb 26, 2007
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    Sorry, wrong room.

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