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Weird problem with DVD2AVI on Two Towers Extended Disc 2

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by alxdotnet, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. alxdotnet

    alxdotnet Guest

    I'm ripping TTT Extended, disc 1 worked fine with the following method:
    SmartRipper>DVD2AVI>Audio to CDEx, Video to VFAPIConv>VirtualDub>2 Pass DivX
    All versions are latest to my knowledge.
    The problem occurs in DVD2AVI. The SmartRipper software rips VOBs fine (using one keysearch only). Opening the video in DVD2AVI and previewing, the screen flashes NTSC once and then switches to FILM, with a percent that gradually climbs to 100. Anyway, video looks great. After saving project, processing with VFAPI, and loading in virtualdub, the movie has occasional flashes (like frames that are just a tad out of place) This looks horrible. I changed the framerate to NTSC Film's 23.976 (since DVD2AVI said FILM, although framerate read 29.97) and this fixed the problem, though now the video is choppy and I don't want to do this because the first disc worked great. I've heard rumors about problems with latest DVD2AVI version, is this one of them?
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    It is Choppy because if you are going to encode the File as a 23.97fps Film file you also have to Choose the "Forced Film" option in DVD2AVI when makeing the D2V file, Then you will see that the Frame rate while makeing the D2V file is 23.97fps.....You can also just use DVD2AVI to make the AVI file...It will make an AVI file and an AC3 or Wav Audio file (Preferably AC3) then all you need to do is Load Both files into "AVI-Mux" and it will Join the Video and Audio into a single AVI file, There are also versions of DVD2AVI that have Resize filters so you can resize the Resolution and you can use any codec you have installed on your PC.....Cheers
  3. alxdotnet

    alxdotnet Guest

    Yup, that's my problem. Thanks! Any ideas why 29.97 worked for the first disc but not the second? The preview of disc 2 looks great in DVD2AVI...but both Save Project->VFAPI and Save AVI return choppy video.

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