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Weird problems after updating JTAGed Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by Ace_2, May 23, 2011.

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    Jan 9, 2006
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    I recently updated my JTAGed Xbox 360(an Arcade model with a Zephyr motherboard) and have had nothing but problems since then. I'm going to recap what happened from the minute I started updating my JTAGed Xbox 360:

    1) Made a freeBOOT image(for dashboard 12611) using JTAG Tool and a good dump of the original dashboard for this Xbox 360.
    2) I flashed the modified dashboard with Flash360 v1.0.
    3) Power cycled the Xbox 360 and got a black screen. No flashing lights or error codes on the screen(I was convinced the console was bricked at this point).
    4) Pressed Eject to power up the Xbox 360 and Xell still booted. (?)
    5) Reflashed the Xbox 360 with the dashboard I originally installed after JTAGing the system(9199 using freeBOOT) with Xell.
    6) Power cycled the Xbox 360 again and powered it on... I get an E74 error(WTF??? Did the HANA chip and/or GPU fail while I was reflashing the damn thing? The f***ing console has 12V fans, a modified fan shroud and the mesh at the back on the metal case in which the motherboard sits in was cut off, for crying out loud!)
    7) Here's where things stop making sense for me: despite getting E74 every time I boot the Xbox 360 using the power button, Xell will still boot when using the Eject button to power on the Xbox 360. What in hell???
    8) Put back the dashboard I was going to update the Xbox 360 to, no change.

    I know E74 means there's a hardware problem, but I just don't understand how Xell can still work even though I get E74. Can someone shed some light on what's going on?

    UPDATE: I just got E79 on the console when turning it on from the power button. So it looks like not only did the update fail but the system also has problems with the GPU and/or the HANA chip. Crap like this is why I never bought an Xbox 360 until I got 3 of them for next to nothing.

    UPDATE 2: After doing several hours of research and attempts at reflashing NAND, it turns out Xell will still work even though something's broken on the GPU and/or HANA chip causing error E74. Well, time to pull out my heat gun and reflow the solder on the GPU and HANA chip. Unbelievable... Xenon and Zephyr Xbox 360s were meant to fail. I already had a lousy experience repairing Xenon Xbox 360s(not a single one of the 6 I repaired lasted longer than 3 months), and Zephyrs are pretty much the same thing with the addition of HDMI. This is pure fail. *looks for a Jasper Xbox 360 to JTAG*
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