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What do I need To install The Messiah 2

Discussion in 'PS2' started by argy78, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. argy78

    argy78 Guest

    Hi I just got My Messiah 2 But I am not sure what tools do I need to Install it.
  2. bodul67

    bodul67 Regular member

    Dec 31, 2002
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    First of all, if you have no experience, take your time! It's really intimidating to see what you have to work with, being that everything is so small. Go to Radio Shack and get a Blank Pc Board, flux, wire, de-solder copper wick, 15W solder iron, solder and a hands free solder station that has (2) alligator clips and a magnifing glass to help you free up your hands when you solder. Practice tinning and soldering on the pc board and the ends of the wire. (Tinning means - putting solder on the end of the wire or on the pc board prior to soldering) Practice and Patience is KEY! It took me about 2 days of practice before I soldered my PS2.

    Steps to Modding:
    1. Tin Solder Iron first (Dip iron in flux, touch solder to iron so some will melt onto iron)
    2. Dip wire end in flux, touch end of wire to
    irontip and watch solder melt onto wire. (Do this first to all ends of wire - use the hands free station's alligator clips to hold wire while you tin wire through magnifing glass)
    3. Wipe end of iron on a clean damp sponge to get excess flux and dirt off it.
    4. Take Mod and use Alligator clips to hold it while you tin points on chip.
    5. Take toothpick and put some flux on blank point on mod, touch iron to a point for no more than 3 seconds and watch solder from tinned iron tip attach to point. (if nothing happens try to tin alittle more solder to the tip of iron and try again)
    6. After all blank points on Mod, wire ends and on PS2 board (where needed)are tinned - it's time to solder.
    7. USE MAGNIFING GLASS! to see what you're going to solder.
    8. Wipe iron on sponge after each solder!
    9. Touch wire end to previously tinned points (be it on mod or PS2 board)and touch iron tip to about 1/8" above the end of wire and watch solder melt to tinned points. This should take about 1-2 seconds to happen. Do this to all points.
    10. If you bridge two solder points - don't panic! Take your de-solder wick, touch it to soldered bridge and heat it with iron and watch solder retrieve onto wick. Try soldering piont again.
    11. When done - I used Black Electrical tape to tape wires together and tape down wires and mod to PS2 board.
    Hope this helps - Good Luck!
  3. argy78

    argy78 Guest

    Thanks A Lot

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