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What do you guys think of that HD loader CD from ps2?

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by velvetnot, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. velvetnot

    velvetnot Member

    May 23, 2004
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    Go here and check it out: http://www.hdloader.com/

    It's some software that will rip games to the ps2 hard drive. It looks like it's fake. Even if it's real, I am sure sony will write their DVDs so it can't be copy to the hard drive.
  2. sideshow

    sideshow Regular member

    Nov 7, 2003
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    I think its a pretty cool idea. There were a couple games mentioned that cant be copied to the hard of which ratchet and Clank was one of them. The question I have is whether you can copy backup games to the harddrive?
  3. conny119

    conny119 Guest

    is this for real or not?
  4. e_b

    e_b Guest

    it's real - it's out & it's great!

    I have the NTSC one - I suggest you get it before Sony pull the plug!!
  5. conny119

    conny119 Guest

    does it work on back-ups or is it just originals. also do you have a offical PS2 HDD or a PC HDD
  6. zartan_jk

    zartan_jk Guest

    You can use a PC HD (the Sony network adapter will only see 137GB though). I don't know if it works on back-up's or not? Has anyone tried this yet?
  7. conny119

    conny119 Guest

    i've just read on ps2ownz.com that it can play LEGAL back-ups
  8. e_b

    e_b Guest

    right, be careful with HDDs...some don't fit! Maxtors are best (apparently) 40GB (min) to 120GB (max). the HD Loader DOES NOT read the disks - it lets the PS2 do this, so you will not gain anything if you machine is not modded.

    hope this is clear :)
  9. conny119

    conny119 Guest

    e_b what hdd drive do you use? and have you tried to put a back-up onto your HDD
    _X_X_X_X_X_[small]PS2 burning guide ( not my tutorial )
    V4 PS2 with duo chip
    V9 PS2 with swap magic and slide tool(sisters)
    just made member!![/small]
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  10. e_b

    e_b Guest

    "The maximum hard disk drive size supported by HDLoader is 120gb, and the minimum size is 40gb. If you use a HDD with a capacity larger than 120GB (ie: 160GB, 200GB) then only the first 137GB will be useable"

    I have a 40GB as I'm happy to just stick the kids games on there (as they are more likely to damage disks) and whatever the main games I'm playing are.

    I tried a modded winning eleven 7 Int (which DOES NOT BOOT ON MY PS2) - and it said it wasn't a PS2 disk. So basically if your PS2 plays backups - it'll store backups to the HDD as it's the PS2 that reads the disk NOT the HD Loader!
  11. e_b

    e_b Guest

    it was a 40GB maxtor, a mate bought a 120GB maxtor which has been fine - go for a recent maxtor...good luck!!
  12. conny119

    conny119 Guest

    all i need now is a maxtor HDD does anyone now a godd place to get not ebay tho
  13. e_b

    e_b Guest

    got mine from www.dabs.co.uk, there's also www.bigpockets.co.uk which is quite good - £62 for a 120GB all inc.

    I can confirm 100% that this WILL NOT make your PS2 region free HOWEVER if you can get a game onto the HDD - WHATEVER THE REGION IT WILL BOOT.

    So, if you have a mate with a chipped PS2, he could stick a game on a HDD for you - and then it will boot on your unmodded PS2!! :)
  14. conny119

    conny119 Guest

    i'm still a little confused with some of this stuff. does anyone know if you can put a back-up game your HDD with the HD loader and swap magic not a mod chip
  15. e_b

    e_b Guest

    as yet if you have a machine that is NOT modded - the only way to play backed up or 'other region' games is if you can find someone to put the software onto the HDD for you.

    It COULD be possible to use swap-magic to get games onto the HDD, but I cannot confirm at this time.
  16. mworld

    mworld Guest

    HD Loader testing results:

    USING PS2 with online adapter and 120 Segate/Maxtor Hard Drive

    1. Followed the instructions on the HD Loader instructions manual to install Hard Drive. It is quite easy and simple the only thing to remember here is that only certain 3rd party drives actually fit the Sony PS2 Hard Drive. We found that the Maxtor/Seagate brands work well with the online adapter. Western Digital would not fit. Don’t force the Drive into the online adapter or you might break something.

    2. Load HD loader into the disk drive and format your Hard Drive (like a 10 second job). Easy

    3. Push the eject button and put in game you wish to backup in your hard drive. You can only put in “ORIGINAL” games for the HD Loader to backup into your hard drive if you do not have a modchip in your PS2.

    4. Just click Install and HD loader will install your game into the Hard Drive. Now, there is also a Remove function for you to remove games in your Hard Drive. Simple enough.

    5. Below are the games that we have save into the Segate/Maxtor Hard Drive for testing purposes. We first tested the list of games that HD loader has tested:

    Devil May Cry 2__________Installed into HDD and working

    Dragonball Z Budokaai 2__Installed into HDD and working

    Final Fantasy X__________Installed into HDD and working

    Man Hunt_________________Installed into HDD and working

    Legacy of Kain, Defiance_Installed into HDD and working

    GTA Vice City____________Installed into HDD and working

    Max Payne 2______________Installed into HDD and working

    Time Splitters 2_________Installed into HDD and working

    Tony Hawks Underground___Installed into HDD and working

    Xenosaga_________________Installed into HDD and working

    Hitman contracts_________Installed into HDD and working

    Gacket (Japanese title)__Installed into HDD and working

    Final Fantasy XI_________DOES not work requires SONY HDD

    6. After installing the games on your Hard Drive. HD loader will put them on your screen and you can pick whichever one your want to load and play. YOU DO NOT NEED A SLID CARD TO OPERATE THE HD LOADER. Do not purchase a slid card for the purpose of using the HD loader (IF USED IMPROPERLY, A SLID CARD WILL DAMAGE YOUR UNIT, BE CAREFUL!!!). To load your games from the hard drive, simply pick the game from your HD loader list and select play. No modchip or slid cards are required to do this.


    LOADING SPEED OF games is at least 2X as fast. In some cases even 3 to 4X faster than loading from disk. Insalling games’ speed is as follows: 2 gig game (15 minutes); 3 gig game (25 minutes); 4 gig game (35 minutes).


    The HD Loader’s only function in this release is to install your games into your 3rd party hard drive. Unfortunately to load your backup games and to save your backup games into your hard drive you will still require a modchip. Also HD loader will not play import games or online games. It seems that Sony servers checks for sony hard drives. Finally, the HD loader will not make your PS2 region free, you need a modchip for that.

    TEST with modded PS2 with Matrix modchip and HD loader

    HK SILVERS (GUMDAM DX, WINNING ELEVEN 7) Installed into HDD and working.

    BACKUPS (MANHUNT, Soul Reaver) Installed into HDD and working

    FINAL FANTASY XI________________WIL NOT WORK, still require SONY HDD

    If your guys have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will try our best to answer all questions.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 16, 2004
  17. e_b

    e_b Guest

    I can confirm that putting your PS2 formatted (by HD Loader) HDD into your PC WILL NOT WORK.

    I thought I might be able to patch a game and stick it directly onto the HDD - but this will NOT work.

    The PC see's the HDD in the bios & device manager - so I can only assume the way it's formatted is in a way Windows cannot see/understand it...bit of a blow as I was hopefull that being able to do this could mean 'PC game like' mods for PS2 games :(
  18. besa777

    besa777 Member

    Jun 16, 2004
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    Here is some news from ps2ownz:
    "We have now sorted how to install PS2 DVD back-ups to the HDD for Flip-Top and Slide Card users! To do so, you must simply follow this process EXACTLY:
    1. boot up HD Loader
    2. at main menu, use EJECT button to insert Swap Magic DVD
    3. go to install, the Swap Magic DVD will stop spinning
    4. swap with your back-up via Flip-Top or Slide Card
    5. press OK to install

    * CDR back-ups can be installed directly from HD Loader so no Swap Magic Disc is necessary for them, however, "homebrew" CDR compilations (emulators) are not supported yet by HD Loader."......

    To summarize:

    You can load LEGAL backup copies on the HDD, however it's still unclear if these backup copies have been patched with the original disc ID, could they be played online!

    Can you load a backup on a HDD using your fliptop/swap magic and then pass on the backup copy with a freind w/ non-modded system and still be able to play it!

    Can you make a Legal CDR copy of HD loader?
    It seems that ps2ownz suggests that you could, but then it would not load proberly! until there is a patch or something!

    Have any of you tried that?
  19. besa777

    besa777 Member

    Jun 16, 2004
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    To clarify some of my questions:

    - If you load "patched - with Disc ID" DVD-R copies of your games into your HDD, would you then be able to play online???

    - If you use HD Loader to download a DVD-R copy of a game into your HDD, and then take your HDD to your other non-modded system, would you be able to play the DVD-R game on the regular console??
  20. conny119

    conny119 Guest

    all i can say is that this ROCKS big time i can't waint for my b day (next week) also has anyone tried the swap magic method?

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