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What ever I do, BTtree still says im firewalled.

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by Neonz, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. Neonz

    Neonz Member

    Nov 20, 2004
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    OK this is driving me crazy. IF start downloading a torrent from http://bt.etree.org and click on leeches on their website, it shows me as firewalled.

    I have no router, and I have xp firewall which I have opened ports, i know i have done it right because I opend ports for other applications.

    I also tried using azuers and changing ports, didnt work either, so i dont think my ISP is blocking ports either.
  2. Bobisnew

    Bobisnew Guest

    Is it going slow or not letting you dl becuase of a firewall. I had a firewall problem, with opened ports. When I used applications like Shadow torrent it said I was blocked by a firewall. So now I use shareaza. This is the best bit torrent application becuase you can control the upload rate as well. Hope this helps.

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