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what is the best program to rip/burn my HD...

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by sheelagal, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. sheelagal

    sheelagal Guest

    movie files? I have the lite on mpeg/divx player which is the only player which works...until the end of the movie, then it gets all garbled and stalls in the last ten minutes of the movie I have nero 6 ultra edition and clone dvd and also downloaded TMPGEnc and so far I have only been able to burn 2 movies. One was a Divx and the size was 710 mb and was only able to burn using the CD section of nero/VCD and used a 800mb cd I got from eblah. Every time I try to use SVCD it says visit our site and buy the dvd video plug in. No problem, so long as it burns my files Another file I have is an mpeg movie which is 1.10 gb in size. I obviously need to burn it on a dvd 4.7gb, right? And when I do have the right burning/ripping application I still don't know which file type to download to get the right results with the most quality...so, if I can get some one on one help my e-mail addy is sin@sin-derella.com. Spank you for any detailed help
  2. icecap

    icecap Member

    Oct 19, 2003
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    Not to sure what your trying to do.

    Can you tell us about your hardware and what your trying to do. I know it has something to do about ripped file just not to sure what your doing. I am sure I can help just need a little more info. Your posting is all over the place. It jumps from one thing to another I don't mean be rude.

    I rip movies and burn them. I have used almost every thing out there. I do know the good ones from the really don't touch program.

    I do mean to help it is just your posting is a little off.

    CHEERS :)
  3. sheelagal

    sheelagal Guest

    I just would like to know what programs I need to rip and burn my movie files from my Hard drive onto a cd or dvd.

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