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What is vobratorand how do I use it? I am brand new at this. Please HELP!

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by MrHaney, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. MrHaney

    MrHaney Guest

    Can anyone out there tell me what vobrator is in smart ripper and how do I use it? I have been trying to rip a DVD that has a track where the director and special effects team do a commentary throughout the entire movie. The movie by itself is also on the DVD but smartripper is reading only the narrated video when I try to rip it. I asked for help on this yesterday on the forum and I got back the following reply:
    "Try ripping in file modeinstead of movie mode, then find out which Vob ld has the movie with vobrator."
    Thus my question...What is vobrator and how do I use it?
    Thanks so much. Bob Simons
  2. RJMJ

    RJMJ Guest

    VOBRATOR will read a VOB file and expand the file displaying the contents. VOBs have IDs in the file. These IDs will let you know what part is the movie, or narration in your case.

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