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What software should i use to my perfect dvd backups

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by jasonb23, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. jasonb23

    jasonb23 Guest

    I have recently purchased a new dvd writer (sony dru510a). I am trying to backup my dvd movie collection. can anyone suggest a good dvd backup software program.

    I have heard that dvd x copy platinum is the best ,,,,,,,any ideas ....tell me whats good ...i am looking for software that can make exact copies of my dvd movies without to much hassle,

    Thanks to anyone that helps me

  2. Bodene

    Bodene Regular member

    Oct 5, 2003
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    DVD Shrink is free software you can download here at afterdawn. It rips, then compresses movies down to dvdr size.

    You can also use DVD Decrypter to rip with, then u can use DVD Shrink or DVD2One to compress with.

    I use Nero v6 to burn em, but nearly any decent burning software that is DVD enabled will work.

    Scan thru the newbie forum and you'll see all the pros and cons of methods people use most.
  3. Vedas830

    Vedas830 Guest

    I have been using DvdXcopy from its release I have Xcopy Express and Platinum They work great for me. Platinum does have its problems but it does work. Hope this helps you
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  4. vurbal

    vurbal Administrator Staff Member

    Nov 30, 2002
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    That depends on what you mean by exact copy. If you mean a copy that's identical to the original, for most commercial discs (discs bigger than 4.37GB), it can't be done with the burners/media currently available. Even when dual layer recordable discs become available, the burner you have won't burn them, so you have to decide what kind of exact copy you want.

    You can make a compressed (or partially compressed) copy of the whole disc, which may or may not make a noticeable difference in the video quality. You can make a movie-only backup, which often allows you to use a single disc with no compression. You can also combine the 2 methods to backup everything without losing any quality. With DVD Shrink (a free program) you could easily do any of the following:

    1. Shrink To A Single Disc
    You can make the DVD smaller by removing audio tracks you don't need and compressing all or some of the menus and video. You'll have working menus, but you'll lose some quality.

    2. Backup The Main Movie
    Use the Re-author feature to create a disc with just the main movie. If the movie is too big for a DVD-R uncompressed, you can remove audio tracks and edit the beginning and end points of the movie. You will lose the menus, and some movies will have to be either compressed or split to 2 discs, so this may require using 2 blanks.

    3. Split To Multiple Discs
    Re-author the main movie. Then make another disc (without re-authoring), compressing the the main movie down to almost nothing and leaving everything else untouched. You'll have perfect menus and special features, but just like with the second method, you may need to use 2 blanks to backup the main movie with no compression, so this method could sometimes require 3 blanks if you want perfect copies.

    I generally make movie-only backups, and I don't use Shrink's compression on any part of the disc I plan to watch, so the compression quality isn't important to me, but a lot of people are very happy with it, plus it's very easy to use and free. The bottom line is, if you're not going to compress, definitely use DVD Shrink. If you are going to, you should still at least compare it to the competition.
  5. arkangel

    arkangel Member

    Nov 23, 2003
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    Hey everyone

    I bought DVD X Copy Xpress to make my DVD backups with. It has worked well for me, allowing me to make great backups of many of my most prized DVD's. Unfortunately, some of my masters got stolen out of my apartment during a break-in last week. Luckily my backups were kept in a seperate place.

    What I want to know now is if anyone knows how to make a backup of a backup. Looks like this software doesn't want to allow you to do this, probably for piracy reasons. Anyone know a loophole or another program that will make another copy of a backup origionally made with X Copy?


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