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What to do with .img/.sub/.ccd files from PSX backup?

Discussion in 'PS2 - CD backup discussion' started by Twilight0, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Twilight0

    Twilight0 Guest

    I'm really tired of searching methods because I've pretty much done everything. I tried for a couple of days many different methods of burning these files and make a working psx backup, but it just can't work. I tried methods that use .bin and .cue files but I couldn't find a real way to do it with the 3 files mentionned above. I use the latest version of swapmagic coder discs and magic keys, the cd works but not my backups!

    I've tried burning using several programs with no success. What am I doing wrong? Does anyone know the REAL TRUE way to burn a backup psx game with these 3 files (.img/.sub/.ccd)?

    Maybe it is because of the speed I'm using for burning? I tried x2 and x4, and I use Philips CD-R. I searched this forums but can't find anything about compabilty about the Philips CD-R that I'm using.

    If anyone can help me make a backup of PSX game with those 3 files, I will be eternaly gratefull. Thanks!
  2. cnb1703

    cnb1703 Guest

    try burning the files with clonecd at the lowest speed allowed.

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