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What Type of Media Do I Use?

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Liam1080, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Liam1080

    Liam1080 Guest

    Hi i got a new pstwo with swapdiscs and the tape modmy question is now do i burn -R or +R dvds??? and Can i use rewritable or double sided dvds and whats a good brand of media i can buy from future shop??

  2. Liam1080

    Liam1080 Guest

  3. MrToast

    MrToast Guest

    I have backed up nearly 300 games and you should use DVD-R Discs, DLDVD doesnt work as well as DVDRW, just buy from a good brand, check out officemax and other retailers because the speeds are going up on recorders and you can still find media for around .50 a disc (at least thats what I pay sometimes) If you pay more than 1.00 a disc your getting screwed!

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