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what version of ps2 is currently in stores??

Discussion in 'PS2' started by stagfish, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. stagfish

    stagfish Guest

    I need to know so I can order my modchip , im not buying a ps2 until next week but want to have chip ready when I do!!also Im gonna get the magic 3.5 is this what i should get

  2. Supleh2

    Supleh2 Guest

    Have you ever done an install yourself, if not, it might not be a good idea to experiment with a new PS2. The Magic 3.5 is a good chip, but I prefer the Magic 3.1(I sell these), because of their low cost and reliability. V7 systems are in stores now(I just bought 10 of them). V7 is the newest/latest version, and yes those chips do work on them.
  3. stagfish

    stagfish Guest

    I did my ps1 with success and I was gonna try the ps2 myself but I decided to ask our electronics guy at work and said he would!!! Ive seen your posts on here and no one seems to trust you , what would you charge for the completed system and how could I trust you??
  4. Supleh2

    Supleh2 Guest

    Please stop using the terms "no one" or "everybody" when referring to posts about me. There has only been one user that has expressed he doesn't like, or trust me, and he has done this for no reason. You can purchase a brand new system with a chip installed for $320. If you yourself do not trust me, you can wait for a couple of days until the users from this forum that took a chance on me post their references for you to see.
  5. Supleh2

    Supleh2 Guest

    I'm going to sleep for the night, if you have more questions I have private messaged you with my e-mail address.
  6. opey71

    opey71 Guest

    I took a chance and am sending him my system from Cali. I am mailing on Monday. I will post upon return. So far so good, able to contact via phone and answers all emails.
  7. Supleh2

    Supleh2 Guest

    Yippee for both of us. You know, I'm not allowed to advertise, but once you're happy, you can tell people how great I am and what my prices are lol.

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