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Whats The Best dvd ripper

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by dilema, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. dilema

    dilema Guest

    i am new to this so please speak to me in lamens terms,
    i wonder if anyone can recomend a decent, easy to use, reasonably priced, that can get over copyright problems, sound problems, and excellent quality at the end. Its what we all want to know but does anyone? PLEASE
  2. DaOsT

    DaOsT Regular member

    Nov 6, 2003
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    chuckles~heh~......ok welcome aboard to back dvd's up if you only want to back the film up firstly either use DVDdecrypter.......thats what I prefer or smart ripper ......

    others n opinions vary obviously as this is life .....but DVD decrypter never let Me down and I have yet to find a dvd of Mine I can't back up....

    then DVD2ONE it so it fits onto a dvd+/-r

    if you want the dvd the extras deleted scenes etc etc ....then try dvdshrink that does it all in one

    use nero or something similair to burn your dvd's....they are either free or you can download trial versions of all the software I have mentioned from this site

    happy backing up
  3. dilema

    dilema Guest

    Thanks i,ll try it out, i have dvd decrypter and used it and dvd shrink and nero and i have successfully copied a copyrighted film, which i own. but i also have some dvd-r with similar content which i havnt been able to backup or copy because of errors on the tracks, i guess, on disk. is there anyway to get round this prob or am i just being a nob?
    Not so happy at mo, not backingup, but hopefully soon. Dilema

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