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Whenever I try to run something from GAME150, my psp goes blank (3.52 M33-4) Please Help!

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Homebrew software' started by Asim90, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Asim90

    Asim90 Guest

    Ok, so I the other day I put gpSP 0.9 on my psp and it worked perfectly. Then I stupidly deleted the corrupted file and tried to run it, and my psp just went blank. I put it back on again with the corrupted file and I keep getting the same problem. Everything is in the correct folder as it was before, so something else must be wrong. Then, I tried to run the unofficial gpSP just to see if it would work, and it works perfectly with no problems. So today, I tried to put snes9xTYL 0.4.1 on my psp, and I get the same error that I get with the official gpSP. For some reason, whenever I try to put an emulator that consists of two folders (with a corrupted file), my psp just turns blank after I boot the file. Can somebody please help me, because this just plain sucks!!

  2. Asim90

    Asim90 Guest

    Edit: I have now discovered that its not just an emulator, but anything inside GAME150.
  3. lordofuo

    lordofuo Regular member

    Jun 18, 2007
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    ok, first, try to delete EVERYTHING out of GAME150 and re-transfer it from scratch. (dont back up whats in there and just put it back) lol

    if that doesnt work:

    1. make sure that you have the kernal set to 1.50. (do this in recovery->config)

    2. (if the screen light turns COMPLETELY off right after gameboot) find chilly willy's keycleaner and run it! (read the readme)

    3. if none of this works, then try re-flashing 3.52. afterwards, see if homebrew works.

    4. try to find a 3.xx homebrew, and run it from GAME. (does it work? just wanna know for extra info to help)

    if none of these work, please give precise detail of what folders, homebrew, how you start it, and what happens prior to starting.

    hope this helps. :)
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2007

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