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where to get 22awg wire

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by gozing, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. gozing

    gozing Guest

    Hi guys, I want to install a matrix infinity chip. I have a 30awg wire. However, for the ground and power points I heard I need a 22awg wire. Where do I get one? I can't find it anywhere apart from mod-chip.com which I can't use anyway.
  2. KiNtArO01

    KiNtArO01 Guest

    u can use 22awg wire lol
  3. gozing

    gozing Guest


    I was asking where I can get it.

    Its ok though, I found some kind of connector on ebay that uses 22awg wire. Gonna cut the wire off and use that
  4. KiNtArO01

    KiNtArO01 Guest

    lol sry i meant 30awg wire my bad lol
  5. gozing

    gozing Guest

    but I read in lots of places that I should use 22awg wire for those two points.
  6. KiNtArO01

    KiNtArO01 Guest

    then get 22awg wire try a radio shak they will prob have it but u can use 30awg wire if u still r unsure use 22awg wire there is no difference
    in voltage going into the wire because of size it will just make the job a little easier with 22awg wire
  7. gozing

    gozing Guest


    Radioshack isn't available where I live. I was just lucky I decided to look on ebay again.
  8. KiNtArO01

    KiNtArO01 Guest

    try walmarts kmarts and comp stores electronic stores to
  9. raiderj

    raiderj Regular member

    Oct 22, 2005
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    The wires that are in your computer coming off the PSU can be used for the power and ground. Just about any store will carry electrical wire that will work.

    You can also use 30awg wire, just use a couple strands together. As long as the wires are relatively short, it shouldn't make a difference.

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