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Wiikey DVDDUMP on Linux

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii / Wii U' started by OzMick, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. OzMick

    OzMick Guest

    For anyone interested, I'm looking close to getting dvddump.exe to run under Linux through Wine. For those interested in reproducing and/or helping, here is what I have done:

    1. Remove UPX packing to allow debugging/editing
    2. Bypass "removable drive" check by forcing a conditional jump
    3. Hardcode the SD card path to point to Wine's "E:\" rather than rely upon Windows' partition naming conventions.

    I haven't actually got it to dump to the HDD yet, I'm getting some gibberish data output at the moment. It DID correctly identify a chunk 5 of another disc that was on the card initially and refuse to dump due to not being the first chunk though, so I'm getting somewhere, and think I'm pretty close. I might have just inadvertently done something in the last batch of changes, so I'll repeat the above steps tomorrow and modify as little as possible.

    I'm not going to link to an actual file until I have it working, and even then, you would be using at your own risk, as I've had to remove checks that were deliberately included to make the program more idiot proof.

    If you're trying to repeat the steps, you're going to need a debugger and hex editor, and you're going to want to know some assembly and just a little Win32.
  2. OzMick

    OzMick Guest

    Update: I just got a chunk 0 to successfully dump to the hard drive. Required a bit more reading on my behalf on CreateFile (the way Wine carries out low-level drive access seems to require a bit of intervention for this program), basically required renaming the device node from \\.\GLOBALROOT\[blahblahblah] to \\?\E: It also didn't require the bypassing of the removable media check if winecfg is run and E: is set to be Floppy Disc. I'm not sure, but it might change on its own when a card is inserted/removed?

    I did the hack in memory, so just need to make it permanent with a bit of hex editing, and fingers crossed it will work and be good enough to give out to people, provided it can actually append chunks. Don't see why not at this point.

    Message me if you would like a copy of my work.

    Edit: Hex editing looks to have worked fine, just dumping the rest of the disc now, then going to burn a copy off to test that too.

    Edit 2: It now doesn't have to be E: that the SD card is located at, just run winecfg, find the right drive letter, make sure it is identified as a floppy disc. Run as normal. It *should* also work just fine under Windows, but am yet to test it.

    Edit 3: Image dumped perfectly, needed to use k3b to burn and ignore warnings that it isn't a standard ISO9660 image. Plays perfectly, burnt at 8x too. The dvddump.exe appears to work fine on Windows too. Also note that I've only used the -sd option, and I doubt that the -c option to format will work. I assume -d will work, but nobody uses it anyway. I'm not interested in getting -c to go either, find a Windows PC and do it, it only has to be done once ever, assuming you have a dedicated SD card.


    All the standard warnings: I accept absolutely no responsibility for ANYTHING it does to your computer, I won't provide assistance if you can't work it out etc, etc. If the link doesn't work, PM me and I'll email it. Please drop a reply in this thread if it helps you at all, I'd like to know if it helps people.
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  3. OzMick

    OzMick Guest

    Does Vista have problems with using the normal program too? If someone wants to test the same file I've modified on Vista and can report, that would be great. It wouldn't surprise me if it is the exact same issue. Again, formatting could be an issue, I haven't done anything surrounding the formatting part.

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