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will my ps2 ver.7 read backup ps2 on dvd+r,dvd+rw

Discussion in 'PS2' started by jaysin1, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. jaysin1

    jaysin1 Guest

    i have about 10 coasters now and i have tried several prog. dvd-decrypter, neuro. record now max. i just have slide-card, with swapmagic. all my drive will burn is dvd+r,dvd+rw. i have been trying to backup my socom2 and onyl get as far as the loading...screen. i have tried maxell and memorex brands. neither work. my burner is a hp dvd writer 300c 9h04. please help. is there a patch or program to help. thank you in advance for your knowledge. i hope that i dont need a different dvd burner or ps2.
  2. aXidburn

    aXidburn Guest

    ur v7 should read +r i dont think it will read rw and if it is getting into the loading screen then that means the ps2 can read it....try burning at a differnt speed
  3. billz

    billz Active member

    May 12, 2003
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    well,you can definately play dvd+r's i know this might be a strech, but this might just work for you

    take apart the ps2.remove the 8 screws on the bottom and warranty sticker(will void warranty but desperate times call for desperate measures) and carefully turn ps2 back over and and tilt top of ps2 towards you becareful not to damage or pull eject ribbon.open cd tray top with eyeglass screw driver and do your swap thru the top as if you had a flip top.it should work(the slide card is a pain to get working and it's not for everybody)but this way you will difinately get a handle whats going on? is it your drive or your swap method hpefully it's your swap method and you have 10 backups of socom 2 enjoy:)
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2004

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