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Will This Work? - Whole DVD Inc Menu etc

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by 0101, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. 0101

    0101 Member

    Jan 25, 2003
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    Anyone had any experience using a similar method to this? Will it work?

    1. Rip DVD (whole dvd - everything)
    2. Check VOB's for ID's using Vobrator
    3. Strip/Edit using IfoEdit
    (Once Stripped/Edited using IfoEdit i would place all "movie" VOB's to a seperate folder so to calculate how much space would be needed for extras,from there i would know
    how much space is required for the movie itself.
    I have reduced a 6GB movie down to 1.09 GB using CEE,the quality of picture is to an high standard,very clear & crisp.
    CEE is an excellent encoder!!)
    4. DVD2AVI to create .AC3 .DV2
    5. VFAPI Converter to create .AVI for CEE
    6. Encode Video using CEE
    7, Multiplex using IfoEdit's DVD Author
    8. IfoEdit to remove P-UP's,Create New IFO's,Region Free,Get VTS Sectors
    9. Place movie VOB's IFO's back into VIDEO_TS where all the extras are
    10.Burn to DVDR

    Can someone recommend a good authoring program which allows importation of Vob's,IFO's,all DVD video files?

    Thanks in advance
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2003
  2. memcco

    memcco Regular member

    Nov 24, 2002
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    why? if you've reduced a 6GB movie down to 1.09 GB..........??????? doesn't sound possible! your method sounds tedious, complicated and probably unnecessary. what exactly are you trying to do...it's somewhat unclear? if you're trying to put everything from the original dvd to just 1 dvd, you'll need an authoring software like dvdmaestro i would think! if you just want the movie try dvd2one...great quality! mike
  3. Paratwa

    Paratwa Guest

    So far I used a couple of methods to backup DVDs:

    For the ones I want to have a perfect copy, I use DVDXCOPY, of course it splits the original one on 2 DVD-Rs

    For the others where I want to keep the movie, the original language plus mine (italian), and the subtitles (forced ones, where available and complete ones) in the 2 languages, plus the chapter selection, I use the long way:

    DVDDecrypter (only the main movie VOBs, angle 1)
    DVD2AVI for the D2v and the AC3 files
    Avisynth2 for the frameserving (.avs file)
    CCE 2.5 for the reencoding
    DVDMaestro 2.9
    Of course BitrateViewer for some necessary information, and a bitrate calculator to have a rough idea of the average bitrate I can set in CCE, but the final size of the m2v depends heavily upon the other settings of CCE.
    ChapterXtractor for the original chapters, SubRip for the subs.

    I then create a DVDMaestro project where I put back the main menus (usually screen captures of the originals plus some work with Photoshop for the buttons and the effects)
    Compile with Maestro to mux and create the vob structure again.
    In this way I have an almost perfect copy of the original without any special or any other language but the 2 ones I want.

    In the past I've tried different methods but I think this one is the most straightforward to obtain a high quality copy and to keep the complete control over the whole operation and the final results.
    But I have still to try DVD2One...
  4. kodell

    kodell Guest

    I use this methoed, It's a lot faster, can't tell the BitRate drop and it WORKS.

    it's just missing a step, use ifoedit to get VST sectors on ALL tile sets that you changed as well as the VIDEO_VTS.IFO BEFORE you make the image.



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