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Windose XP Professional File Sharing Network GONE!?!?!

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by Danny000, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Danny000

    Danny000 Guest

    First off, i thought this was the 'most' correct place to put this, sorry if it isnt, i apologise in advance.

    Hi all. I have recently done a complete reformat of my 2 computers. One is a secondary computer on the network using a Wireless PCI Card. The main computer connects through my Belkin router. Now, i set up both computers to have the same Workgroup. Both can connect to the internet perfectly and both can view each others shared files and transfer to and from each computer perfectly fine.


    Due to that stupid Windows Messenger exploit, i decided to upgrade both computers software via Windows Update. i did the secondary computer first. no problems, both computers can still view and steal each others files. However, once i upgraded the main machine, i get this error for every single shared file that used to be able to be viewed etc perfectly ??!?!


    can anyone help me out here? both computers still have the same workgroup and nothing else has changed apart from the windows updates.

    Much appreciated, thanks
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  2. bbthumper

    bbthumper Guest

    ......your XP firewall has been put to enable. Just change it to disable.........
  3. Danny000

    Danny000 Guest

    not on mine or the secondary computer is hasnt......i did check just incase but it hasnt and i have set my Sygate Personal Firewall Pro to accept all incoming and outgoing LAN traffic
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  4. Danny000

    Danny000 Guest

  5. dclarolh

    dclarolh Guest

    try \\carmis_comp\c$ instead of \\carmis_comp\c . The "$" sign dictates that it is a hidden share which C is. It is the only way to do it unless you edit the registry to remove hidden shares then enable normal sharing on C. Normally, if you didnt edit the registry and just shared c, it would go away once you restarted and be shared as C$ again.
  6. Danny000

    Danny000 Guest

    thx man, ill give it a try later and feedback to you on whether it works, hope it does, cos its annoyed the hell out of me for some time.

    Again, thx

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