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WinMX 3.3 with aTrojan ????

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by John375, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. John375

    John375 Guest


    I have encountered a strange problem.....I downloaded the new WinMX 3.3 on 6 September 2002, apparently as soon as it had come available.....(Actually, WinMx seems to shut off all earlier versions as soon as another version is available, so one must update.)....

    Everything went fine for awhile, with no evidence whatsoever of any problem.....But, a month or so later, I am having more and more problems of slowness.....Now, my computer seems to work more and more sluggishly --- at times --- (even when WinMX is not active or even opened).....CD burning all too often makes coffee-cup coasters now, which it never did before due to the Burn-Proof feature.....

    Upon opening WinMX, my system just seems to lock up and frequently crashes.....The computer is pretty bad with WinMX opened.....Waste of time to try burning CDs with WinMX open.....

    In fact WInMX itself seems almost disabled. Any clicking therein takes forever to take effect --- if it takes effect at all.....No way will WinMX download any files at all.....Most times now, one can not even change from the Search window to the Transfer window..... Same remains true even after un-installing WinMx and re-installing it..... WinMX was not like this when I first installed it a month ago.....I even did a Drive Image recall -- of the "fresh-clean" setup that I saved a month ago after first installing WinMX 3.3 -- but the same WinMX sluggish problem again occurs....
    I must have run every Virus software that I could get --- yet all showed zero....Nothing found....

    Well, this morning about 3:30 AM, I just happen to be up and I then connected to the Internet.... I am using Covad DSL, which I just installed a few weeks ago..... All was the same as before:...My system working fine with WinMX not opened..... Subsequently I opened WinMX --- and since it still would not work correctly --- I simply disengaged all shared files and all download attempts.....WinMX was opened, but not doing anything.....I subsequently forgot that WinMX was opened still.....

    My computer was connected to the internet (via Covad DSL), but not actively so --- as I was running yet another antivirus scan on the two Hard drives (40 and 80 Gb).....

    Suddenly at 4:00 AM or so, my hard drive went berserk with activity.....(Hard Drive noise was clearly unusual).....Upon investigating, I noticed that I was transmitting to the internet as fast as possible.....My computer was really pumping it out, yet it should have been idle except for the virus scan taking place..... (Later, downloading to me was also taking place as fast as possible along with the uploading)....

    There were two ways for me to shut off the internet uploading taking place:....1) Use the (free) ZoneAlarm to stop all internet activity..... 2) Exiting from the supposedly inactive WinMX.....

    ZoneAlarm did not work to stop the uploading, except by using the Internet-Activity-Stop.....Opening or exiting WinMX clearly controlled the uploading (and also the downloading that later showed-up).....But closing WinMX is not an easy task now as WinMX is extremely sluggish in responding to any mouse clicks

    So far, I can not find anything unusual..... .I haveZoneAlarm (Free) set to only alow eight applications access to the Interenet and nothing new appeared in ZoneAlarm during the sudden Internet traffic......Using Alt+Ctrl_Del did not reveal any new applications running either....

    As of now, it looks like the WinMX 3.3 came with something tagging along........... Next, I plan on trying a Trojan remover software.....Otherwise any suggestions..????
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  2. Secret

    Secret Member

    Oct 15, 2002
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    WinMX 3.3 has a known bug with some installs of ZoneAlarm, causing sluggish behavior or freezes.
    If you check with Task Manager you may find that Vsmon is taking up most of your CPU cycles while WinMX is running. Vsmon is the part of ZoneAlarm that runs in the background, it is called True Vector.
    To test whether it is the firewall causing the slow down go into ZA's settings and un-check the box to allow ZA to run on system start-up, then reboot. This is the only way to completely shut down ZA, now try WinMX and see if you are still having the problem.
    Connecting as a Primary WinMX will use some of your bandwidth to support the WinMX Network, 7BK up and 10KB down by default, this may be the Internet traffic you are reporting.
    Some DSL connections only allow 12KBs - 15KBs of upload bandwidth, so you may want to make a Secondary connection.
    Your hard drive grinding at exactly 4:00 sounds like a scheduled task started, virus def. download, disc scan, and/or defrag.
    For more help with WinMX check the WinMX news group
    It is available on Google Groups but they miss a lot of the replies, so use your ISP's news server or a free one like
    They have the group.
  3. John375

    John375 Guest

    Thanks Secret
    You have described my problem exactly....I will pursue your suggestions....I might just install another firewall, Sygate....

    Right now I have ZA shutdown (does not start on reboot) and WinMX seems to run fine....ZA problems are not new --- as I have had trouble with ZA in past years as some ZA versions just ate up all the Cpu at times, causing crashes....

    Ran across some interesting sites....
    Jim Loy's Physics and Chemistry Page, has answers to about everything....http://www.jimloy.com/physics/physics.htm
    Martindale's Reference Desk has every imaginable calculator.....http://www-sci.lib.uci.edu/HSG/RefCalculators.html

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