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Worst/Bad Media Guide

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by totos, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. totos

    totos Guest

    Although there is a post with title "Important Notice/Bad Media", I think its a good idea to have a thread as a guide for bad media in the market, and to prevent people from get scammed...

    Only media information and media codes, fakes etc... NO comments for bad distributors and NO criticism to this thread for THOSE selling them. So it will only be a catalog of bad media accrding to people that have tested them.

    I will make the start with 3 DVD-Rs:


    My burner is Plextor 712A, and here are the results:

    -From the cakebox of 25 Datawrite Reds there are ALL unusuable...NICE COASTERS (in some drives they might work but with very bad disc quality scans)

    -The same bad quality for Budget, except that they are really mixed grades, some will write -with bad quality- some coasters.

    - Bulqpak 8X now: My PX-712A managed to write them only at 4X and sometimes 6X marginally. For 8X you have coasters, or bad burns if some other drives manage to write them.

    You can post the next bad media, you had any experiences with...
  2. agent-k

    agent-k Regular member

    Apr 8, 2004
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    When I first started copying dvd's I knew nothing about different brand of disc and ended up trying loads of different ones. prodisc, Mirror, Bulkpaq, and various other obscure names that I can't remeber now. They were all complete rubbish.
    I thought that all the coasters that I was producing were all my fault.
    Then I discoverd Afterdawn and was shown the light, (praise the lord), nowadays if it hasn't got a top brand name on it I won't touch it.
  3. jase

    jase Guest

    Garbage? Try these out for size:

    Ritek G01/G02
    Princo on a Friday afternoon (can be OK when they feel like it)
    Yi-Jhan (HK crap)
    LongTen (HK crap, made by many small factories)
    A lot of CMC
    MAM (Mitsui) -- although this might be due to a lack of support for the dye type
    Lead Data
    Anything with a blank MID code (usually HK/Chinese crap, the DVD equivalent of the old "Kaytape" cassettes)
    Early Prodisc (later ones much better)
    Fake Maxell/TY/Pioneer etc
  4. SCS+

    SCS+ Guest


    What do you class as fake Pioneer???
  5. totos

    totos Guest

    @jase: interesting that Mitsui (MAM) produces bad dvd media.

    I have heard that of others as well, and its surpising since Mitsui had used us to very good quality cd-r media...
  6. jase

    jase Guest

    SCS+: I have come across some cheap HK media with a Pioneer MID code, this was very poor media. I've also been given some samples of Sony fakes which seemed suspiciously similar.

    I am not referring to the Piodata Ritek media in case that's what you were afraid of. I have no idea as to the politics of Piodata (although I have heard a few rumours which I dismissed through lack of evidence or justification). The Piodata Ritek seemed good to me.
  7. sturski

    sturski Member

    Apr 2, 2004
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    I've used 4-500 Ritek G04s for the last year with excellent results. I've used branded and silver matte (hub branded) interchangably. My last 2 spindles (25) of branded Riteks have shown swirls in the dye after burning. Disks look flawless before burning, but show swirls midway through the disk after use. Writing the same image on a matte disk never shows a problem. It's probably just a bad batch; but I'm going to stay away from the branded ones for a while.

    Note: these were Branded RiData from Supermediastore in 25 count cakeboxes
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2004
  8. thendis

    thendis Member

    Sep 21, 2004
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    Princo "A Grade" Printable 4x DVD-R

    I bought two spindles of 50 discs before realising they
    are the single worst discs i have ever used!!!

    Not only do ALL of my movies refuse to play on DVD
    Players, but about 3 out of 5 times my data discs fail
    during verification (even at 1x speed).

    I found their CD-Rs to be ok, but these DVD-Rs are
    absolute, unbelievable, utter trash!!!!

    feels good to get that off my chest.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2004
  9. jase

    jase Guest

    The thing with the Mitsui I tried was that it was such beautifully made garbage ;) A lot of the time you can tell a disc is going to be below average just by the look and feel of the thing. The MAM discs really do look to be a class act -- which is why I suspect there is something more to it than just bad media.

    To some extent Princo are the same. I defy anyone to look at a Princo disc and say it doesn't appear to be well constructed.
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