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Writing DVD data to CD - will it work?

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by tib_rik, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. tib_rik

    tib_rik Guest

    Hi, i am a keep 3D animator (im doing a course at university at the moment) and i like to make all my animations at a high quality - I however cannot afford to buy a DVD writer to write the animations to DVD for playback... The animations i create are not large, only like 5 - 10 mins of footage. Does anyone know of a way to burn to a blank CD in the quality of a DVD (and will it work in a DVD player)

    thanks in advance, TiB_Rik

    if you do not understand the question properly then please ask for more information, but i feel like the above explanation is good . (I KNOW I CANNOT BURN DVDs using the CD recorder, before someone tells me.. im not after that, i just want to emulate a DVD on a CD because i dont need the huge storage of the DvD
  2. Oner

    Oner Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 8, 2002
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    I guess you are looking for something like this program DVD Complete Deluxe by Dazzle it states "choose a graphical theme and then record to a DVD or CD". I am sure there are other suggestions but for what you need I think this should help. Dex

    With DVD Complete, it's easy to make DVDs like the ones designed in Hollywood movie studios. DVD Complete's project wizard guides you through the steps to go from camcorder to DVD. Capture video from a camcorder, add start-up overtures, interactive menus with multiple scenes, background audio, choose a graphical theme and then record to a DVD or CD. All you need to know is what you like, and DVD Complete will do the rest.
    Key Features

    Create DVDs in 5 Easy Steps
    Video Capture Wizard
    Import Movie Wizard
    Export Movie Wizard
    Slideshow Creator Wizard
    Automatic & Manual Chapter Setting
    Real-time Graphic Scrubber
    Chapter Offset Pointer for Selecting Chapter Menu Buttons
    Video Motion Menus
    Video Overtures Track
    DVD Special Features Support
    Automatic DVD Disc Label Generator
    Automatic DVD Jacket Label Generator
    Automatic CD/DVD Jewel Case Label Generator
    Highlight Layer
    Parental Control
    Region Coding
    Hardware Video Capture Support
    Real-Time MPEG 1 and 2 Encoder
    Integrated Burner Support
    VCD Creation
    Resource Monitor
    Background Audio Track
    Number of Buttons per Menu ... 36
    Number of Movies per DVD ..... 40
    Number of Included Themes .... 20
    Easy-to-use Wizards . . .

    Make a Quick DVD
    Make simple DVDs from video clips.

    Make a Home DVD
    Add interactive menus and print labels for the disc, jewel case and dust jacket.

    Make a Business DVD
    Add professional introductory overtures such as copyright warnings, corporate logos or advertisements that play as soon as the disc is inserted in the player.

    Make a Hollywood DVD
    Add special DVD features including bonus material such as out-takes, bloopers, directors cuts, scripts, cast pictures and much more!

    Start from Scratch
    Design a totally customized DVD project from the ground up.

    DVD Complete" Features

    Built-in Design Studio
    You select a theme, and DVD Complete does the rest. Imagine having a team of art designers that handle all of the details:
    Graphic Design
    Menu Buttons and Icons
    Background Music
    20 Professional Themes Included

    Streamlined Editing Controls
    DVD Complete makes it easy to polish your project:
    Set exact chapter points
    Change menu and label images
    Change menu and label text
    Adjust viewer navigation
    Add motion menus

    Real-world Simulator
    DVD Complete includes an easy-to-use Simulator that lets you play your project exactly like it will play on your DVD player:
    Check the look and feel of the project layout
    Try out the menu navigation
    Add your finishing touches

    State-of-the-art Burning Engine
    Once your DVD project is perfect, you are ready to burn it to disc:
    Compatibility with all DVD burning formats
    Compatibility with all CD and DVD burners and media
    Create DVDs that are compatible with your DVD player

    Automated Label and Insert Generator
    DVD Complete automatically designs labels and inserts that match the theme and layout of the DVD:
    DVD Dust Jacket Insert
    CD Jewel Case Insert
    Disc Label
    Even Labels and Inserts for Mini DVDs!

    System Requirements

    500 MHz processor

    Hard Disk:
    5400 RPM Minimum
    7200 RPM Recommended
    250 MB for Installation
    DVD Creation: 3GB/Hour of Video

    Operating System:
    Windows® 98SE, 2000, ME, XP

    128MB minimum

    1024 x 768
    24 Bit Color
    DirectX 8 or above

    MPEG-1, Layer II
    PCM / WAV

    For software installation

    CD Burner:
    For VCD, cDVD Creation

    DVD Burner (All Formats):
    For DVD Creation

    Input Formats (NTSC/PAL):

    Output Formats (NTSC/PAL):

    Supported Capture Hardware:
    OHCI 1394 FireWire Devices
    DirectShow-Compliant Analog Capture Devices
    Dazzle DV-Editor Series
    Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge
    Dazzle DVD Creation Station Series (Import Only)
    Dazzle Digital Video Creator Series (Import Only)

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