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  1. newbmodd

    newbmodd Guest

    i have version 3.40oe-a and i am trying to run dungeon siege (off the memory card, it is a cso file that i dowloaded from torrentpond.com) and when ever i try to run it, it says "the game could not be started (80020148) so wtf is going on
  2. dEEz_nUtz

    dEEz_nUtz Regular member

    Sep 10, 2006
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    bad iso perhaps? I have found alot of games to be like that too, you just have to keep at it until you find a good one.
  3. scrum

    scrum Member

    Aug 19, 2003
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    Got this from another site:

    DADADADA - Running a FW Update in DAX custom FW
    80010087 - Error reading UMD or UMD not present
    80020321 - No umd in drive when no umd is disabled
    80110305 - Load failed.The Memory Stick could not be acessed
    FFFFFFFF - PSP update failed
    UKN9000001 - update cant start, data corrupt
    80020148 - Unsupported PRX type | you probably need to turn off NO-UMD and plain modules. both options can be found in the recovery menu. if that doesn't work its either a bad ISO, or simply incompatible.This error also seems to appear when you are running an iso with a fake mem. stick
    98765432 - Selected a language who's font has been removed. DAX FW ONLY ERROR!
    8001006F - Remote Play connection error. Most likely when no PS3 is sending a signal over your network.
    800200D1 - Ran homebrew without Homebrew enabled firmware.
    8002014C - Ran kxploited homebrew without Homebrew enabled firmware.
    80020321 - Ran a game that doesn't support NO-UMD* (DAX FW ONLY!)
    80110404 - Network error, try restore default settings to fix
    CA000005 - keys.bin not found when trying to run a PS1 game.
    80000004 - its just a general error code that the PSP spits out when it doesn't understand something... could mean anything really.
    No umd in drive when no umd is disabled - 80020321
    80110305 = Load failed.The Memory Stick could not be acessed
    ffffffff = PSP update failed
  4. newbmodd

    newbmodd Guest

    yea see thats what i thought deez-nutz but i did my brothers psp exactly how i did on mine used the same game same umd and his works?
    and when go into recovery then click on configuration it just goes to a blue screen and just stays there????
  5. naysayer

    naysayer Member

    Jun 28, 2007
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    newbmodd, the "blue screen" that you get at the configuration menu is caused by the region stored in your settings in flash1. I had this problem after playing Bleach: Heat The Soul 4, which apparently modified my flash1 after i saved my game for the first time. This occurs after playing other japanese games as well (someone else reported it after playing tekken). You can recognize that it ocurred if you see PSP Spot and Portable TV under your Network menu.

    Anyhow, to fix it you just need to clear your flash1. Just toggle your usb flash1 and delete everything in there. You'll lose your current settings and the psp will give you that "press O" warning, but it'll solve the region errors.

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